Teacher 'interested in cannibalism' arrested after bones with 'bite marks' found

A high school teacher in Germany has been arrested on charges of murder – and charged with cannibalistic acts – after the remains of another man were discovered near a forest.

The 41-year-old teacher was arrested on Thursday in the German capital Berlin after “completely meatless” bones of a 44-year-old victim were discovered in the countryside north of the city.

Reports show teeth marks were found on the victim’s bones – while the suspected school teacher is believed to have visited online cannibalism chat rooms.

Police dogs brought police directly to the suspect’s door in the city’s Pankow neighborhood after the bones were discovered.

German news outlet Deutsche Welle reports that police discovered bone fragments, traces of blood and cutting tools at the home of the arrested suspect.

While the German news agency DPA claims that the suspect has visited internet chat rooms dedicated to cannibalism.

Berlin prosecutor spokesman Martin Steltner said Friday: “The suspect was interested in cannibalism.

“He searched online for the topic.”

Teacher 'interested in cannibalism' arrested after bones with 'bite marks' found

Focusing on reports that the victim may have been eaten, Mr Steltner highlighted other similar cases in recent years in Germany where cannibalism was committed with willing victims, adding that there was “no evidence that the victim consented in any way. gave “.

Further coverage by Der Spiegel from Germany suggested that the men met on gay, bisexual and transgender dating site PlanetRomeo.

The victim is believed to have been a 44-year-old electrical engineer who disappeared in early September.

Neither the suspect nor the victim have been publicly named at this stage.

This is not the first suspected incidence of cannibalism in Germany in recent years.

In 2001, computer programmer Armin Meiwes made headlines around the world when it was discovered that he had met, murdered and ate a consenting victim he had met online.

The 58-year-old is serving a life sentence after being found guilty of murder at a retrial in 2005.