Teacher transforms daughter's room for just £47 and result is incredible

If you’re desperate for a home project to keep you busy during the pandemic, get inspired by this creative mom.

Chloe Van Crugten, 31, a Dorset gym teacher, turned her daughter’s room into a pink girly retreat – and it cost less than £ 50.

Chloe, who lives with her partner Rich, stepson Dillan and baby Isla, told the money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk : “I got the idea because we have a nice big garden with a cherry tree and lots of butterflies visiting.”

She added, “I saw the 3D butterflies for £ 6.50 at an absolutely bargain price on Amazon.

“I came up with the idea to use the yellow version of the popular frog tape. I wanted to make something I hoped would look like a fence. I chose this particular tape because the wall was recently painted with white emulsion.

“I used three rolls of tape that cost £ 16.50. My partner helped me put the tape. We accurately measured the spaces and laid the tape in full lengths, keeping the lines straight.

Teacher transforms daughter's room for just £47 and result is incredible

“I already had a white matte emulsion, so I just bought a pink matte emulsion that I mixed for the different shades of pink. I first drew the design on paper and colored it with pencils to make sure I’m happy was with the blur.

“I used Dulux trade vinyl matte emulsion. The paint costs £ 25 and the butterflies £ 6.50, so the total cost was £ 47.50. Everything was bought via click and collect or home delivery, so that the social distance is completely was complied with. “

Teacher transforms daughter's room for just £47 and result is incredible

Chloe is very happy with how the project went and says DIY house is the ideal distraction to get stuck on exit.

“I think projects like this give you something to focus on and a sense of achievement during this block,” she adds. “I was surprised and very happy with the response when I posted it online.

“I would advise everyone to make sure the wall is well prepared and that they remove the tape when the paint is wet for the best result.”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, Notes: “Anyone who is bored at home when closed should take a leaf from Chloe’s book.

“This transformation looks great, and best of all, it really doesn’t cost the Earth!

“Search for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, order supplies online, and follow step-by-step YouTube videos to transform your own home on a budget while abiding by social distance rules.”