Teen kicks shark in the head as 11ft beast appears from nowhere on diving trip
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Teen kicks shark in the head as 11ft beast appears from nowhere on diving trip

Terrifying footage has emerged of a young man kicking an 11-foot shark in the head in a desperate bid to escape from the predator.

Keen spearfisher Lachlan Pye was deep-diving off the coast of North Queensland in Australia and was lining up his shot at a fish before he encountered a huge bull shark.

In the dramatic clip recorded by Lachlan’s action camera, the 18-year-old is seen holding a fishing spear in his hand and quickly firing a shot towards his target.

But in the split of a second, he realises he is being hunted by a shark as he looks down to find an ominous shadow approaching him from below.

Lachlan fights for his life and frantically kicks at the shark’s head. At one point, he loses one of his snorkelling fins as the predator tries to maul on his leg.

Within a minute, he manages to swim to the surface with his fish remained intact on the fishing line.

He told 9News: “I didn’t see it at all until it was underneath me.

The bull shark bit on Lachlan's flipper as he kicked at its head in dramatic escape

“It pulled my foot down, I felt my ankle move and I looked down and it had taken a couple of chomps at the fin.”

“It didn’t go for the fish really, it just went for me. I feel pretty lucky I have got my feet still.”

Lachlan was then pulled to safety by friend Presley Wilcox, who was just metres away on a boat.

Presley said: “I just hear [him say] ‘shark, and yeah it had bit me’.”

Meanwhile, a pair of spearfishers in the US caught a great white shark circling them in a close encounter.

Last week, a gigantic 20-foot great white shark was spotted stalking a boat sailing in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Pelagie Islands in southern Italy.


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