Terminally-ill man calls police to confess to 25-year-old cold-case murder

A terminally ill man claims to have committed a murder that has not been solved for the past 25 years as his life appears to be cut short by an undisclosed illness.

American Johnny Dwight Whited called the police to admit that he murdered Christopher Alvin Dailey in 1995 by shooting the 26-year-old dead.

Police were dumbfounded when 53-year-old Whited shouted “out of nowhere” to admit the crime and solve the cold case with his confession.

Officers told the New York Times that Whited had expressed “remorse” and claimed he wanted to get the crime “off his chest.”

They also claimed that he had revealed that he was suffering from a terminal illness, but not what illness the self-proclaimed killer is suffering from.

Detective Sean Mukaddam spoke of the wonderful phone call he received claiming that Whited said, “I confess I committed murder years ago.”

The officer said, “I’ve never had a situation where I just pick up the phone and have a call like that.

“Nothing where the suspect calls me out of nowhere and wants to confess.”

While Whited said he didn’t know exactly when to call Mr. Dailey, police were able to compare cold cases with the information the middle-aged man had provided to locate the April 26, 1995 murder.

Whited even accompanied police to a wooded area in Decatur, Alabama, where he dumped the dead body and responded to the murder in front of police.

The noted murderer is now expected to be brought to trial, charged with murder, and is currently being held on $ 15,000 (£ 11,290) bail.

In a statement released Friday, police said, “Despite the extensive investigation, no suspect has ever been developed in the case. In the years that followed, the case was reviewed several times for leads.”

A date for the trial has yet to be determined by the US courts.