Terrier mauled to death by bigger dog – and owner fears child could be next

A woman whose beloved Yorkshire Terrier died in a vicious attack by another dog says she is afraid of a child being torn apart.

The sweet rescue puppy Luna from Dublin dog owner Helena McEnery sadly died after being attacked by a German shepherd on Sunday afternoon.

The heartbroken woman of the Eastern Wall is now afraid to walk her other dogs if they are also attacked.

She calls for stricter penalties for irresponsible owners.

The Dogs Aid volunteer told it Dublin Live Her partner Neven walked on Luna around 2:30 PM when the Alsatian ran down the busy road and jumped on the defenseless terrier.

She said, “He was walking down the road with Luna on her belt.

“She walked by and from the corner of Neven’s eye it was too late by the time he saw the dog.

“The dog was less than a meter away from him and it was already too late.

The dog shot at her. He did not hesitate, did not stop for a minute or smoke her. He just jumped right into her, grabbed her in the mouth and pressed her to the ground. “

Cousins ​​managed to control Alsace and pull it off from Luna, who had a puncture wound in her side from the shocking attack.

Then he saw the owner of the huge dog walking across the street and couldn’t believe what happened next.

“When Neven looked around after he had already restrained the German Shepherd, he saw the owner come by,” said Helena.

“The man just walked over to him, put his dog on a leash, kicked his dog viciously and just walked away.

“People like that shouldn’t have dogs. If he were a decent audience member, he would have passed on a phone number and stayed on the spot for a few minutes to help Luna. “

Terrier mauled to death by bigger dog - and owner fears child could be next

Luna was taken to a vet who gave her painkillers and antibiotics and said he hoped she would get through.

Helena said, “When she got home, she seemed dazed, but we thought it was because of the medication.”

The couple took Luna to their bedroom and put their beds on the floor so they could stay with her.

“We only hoped that she had gone through the worst of it and that she was now at home with her family, that she would be safe and that as soon as the medication started, she would get out again and wake up in the morning , she gave us a little wagging and slowly getting rid of this. “

Unfortunately, when Helena woke up at 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning, poor Luna had taken a turn for the worse.

Terrier mauled to death by bigger dog - and owner fears child could be next

The couple took her to UCD Veterinary Hospital, but nothing could be done to save her.

Devastated Helena is now terrified that another of her six dogs, or possibly even a young child, could be attacked for the negligence of careless dog owners.

“There could be a kid crawling around in the park chasing a ball and running that dog and running straight for him for that kid who doesn’t stand a chance.

“That man who had that dog should be more responsible and know what destruction he caused. It was so unnecessary.

“Even if he didn’t have a muzzle on the dog, he still needed a leash. By law, he was required to have a leash and muzzle on that dog.

Terrier mauled to death by bigger dog - and owner fears child could be next

According to Irish dog regulations, German Shepherds are considered a limited breed and must be muzzled in a public place.

They should also be tied to a leash no more than a meter long by a person over 16 who is able to control the dog.

“We’ve talked to people in the area and they’re afraid to bring their dogs out now,” said Helena.

“I had my other dogs out yesterday and I felt so uncomfortable walking past other dogs that a large dog would fall out at them.

“Now I’m terrified that a big dog will kill one of my other dogs.

“There should be stricter laws for people who are negligent if they take care of these vicious dogs. There must be a penalty for that.

“We loved Luna. She loved her little walks, she was an innocent dog.

“She was a great little character. She loved her family and loved being around and watching TV in the evening. She went everywhere with us. ‘

A Gardas spokesperson told Dublin Live that they are investigating the attack on Luna.


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