Terrified mum 'hears man's voice say son 'is a cute one' on hacked baby monitor'

A mother was shocked to hear a man’s voice on her baby monitor saying her son was “a cute one.”

Kiara says she was woken up by the voice coming through her hacked baby monitor in the early hours of October 29, shortly after putting Zicko, who was born prematurely, to bed.

The mother of three had only used the parenting gadget for a few weeks since her son started sleeping in his own room.

Melbourne’s mother told me Kidspot : “My partner Daniel and I were asleep, everything was quiet and dark.

‘Then I heard it, a very deep man’s voice that doesn’t belong to anyone I know.

“I heard him say, ‘Mmm … that’s a nice one.’

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‘I was frozen. I was so scared. I reached out to my partner and squeezed his arm to wake him up. ‘

Baby monitor developer Mirabella has said the products are made to an international standard and there are no other reports of ‘hacking’.

Kiara’s partner, Daniel, began checking all the rooms in the house, but Kiara was convinced that the sound was coming from her phone, which was on her nightstand and connected to the monitor via WiFi.

The couple immediately unplugged and Kiara removed the app from her phone.

Terrified mum 'hears man's voice say son 'is a cute one' on hacked baby monitor'

“I didn’t want to think about all the disgusting things they thought about watching my baby,” she said.

Kiara said she looked at different models for a long time before buying the Mirabella monitor from the Kmart store.

In fact, she and Daniel had taken steps to make sure the network was secure by setting new passwords for the monitor and app.

“I had heard things like this happen, but only in the movies,” she said.

“I thought it would never happen to me, that’s why I was so shocked.”

After the incident, Kiara also recalled hearing other strange creaking noises from the camera late at night.

She said that at the time, she thought the camera was just shaking because it wasn’t attached firmly enough to Zicko’s bed.

She even tried to attach it to an adjacent wall, but the sound continued.

Kiara returned the monitor to Kmart and told the store about the incident, but says she hasn’t heard from it since.

In a statement, Mirabella told Kidspot that the monitors are manufactured to “international standards for a global market.”

“The product has received excellent reviews and to his knowledge the baby monitor is a safe device,” he said.

It said each device comes with a unique security key that is inaccessible to others, and that the company “is not aware of any other hacking incident or vulnerability to its devices.”