Terrifying moment drunk man at zoo grabs bear by head and dunks it in the water

A drunken man has jumped into a bear enclosure in a sickening attempt to drown the beast in the water at a zoo in Poland.

Images taken by visitors to the Warsaw Zoo, the 23-year-old man can already be seen in the fence as the curious black bear approaches him.

He quickly jumps into the water to avoid the animal’s progress, but the bear follows him trying to swim away, and the animal jumps into the water behind him.

But the vile criminal then grabs the bear’s head, plunges it under water and holds it in a neck lock.

According to local media, the man was drunk at the time and was taken to the police station by firefighters who arrived on the scene shortly after.

He was lucky enough to be unharmed when the female bear was rescued from a circus and used to humans.

Anna Karczewska, a spokeswoman for the Warsaw Zoo, told local media, “The female bear, named Sabina, was surprised by the man’s actions and now sits in the water and roars nervously every now and then.

“She is supervised by the caring zoo staff.”

Zoo officials said the man had caused emotional distress to the bear

Karczewska also said the man was lucky to be alive, as Sabina was the only bear at the time.

The zoo is reportedly starting legal proceedings against the man for causing emotional stress to the animal.

It is currently unclear whether the man is also being prosecuted by the local authorities.

Meanwhile, an escaped tiger in Mexico has been seized by local authorities after a video of the beast roaming the streets before being massaged by a man appeared.


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