Terrifying moment firefighter hit in face by fireball which spews out of blanket

A gruesome video showed a firefighter carefully entering a kitchen before being hit by a fireball in the face.

The firefighter responded to an emergency call and attempted to remove a leaking gas cylinder in the event of a fire when he was suddenly struck by the burning flames.

In the clip, taken from bodycam footage, the man enters the apartment and sees a blanket over the cylinder.

He slides forward and tries to remove the blanket that has been put in the kitchen cabinet and the gas is ignited again and a fireball sprays out, scorching the savior’s face.

The firefighter screams with shock when he is engulfed in flames, but within seconds the fire is happily gone.

He runs out of the kitchen with a colleague.

Subsequently, later images show that they carry the burning cylinder out of the building without any problems.

Fire brigade members were called to their home in Wanrong County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, China.

The homeowner had been cooking in the kitchen when the leaky cylinder caught fire on May 17.

Panicked, the owner covered the cylinder with a blanket, which seemed to stifle the fire but couldn’t stop the leaking gas.

Images released by the crew show water sprayed through a window in the kitchen as two firefighters enter to retrieve the cylinder.

The firefighter was briefly surrounded by flames when the gas was exposed to the air

The rescuers were not seriously harmed, despite how serious the terrifying images looked, the fire brigade later said.

This comes after firefighters forced to flee a devastating fire at a hash oil plant that got out of hand quickly.

And a shocking video shows that Britain’s oldest wooden building was burned to embers after a suspected arson in the historic site.


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