Thailand Judicial System Planning Big Shift to Blockchain, Will Migrate Records to Distributed Ledger

Thailand’s judicial system is preparing for a major blockchain upgrade.

The Office of the Courts of Justice, which oversees more than 90% of Thai courts, says it has plans to move court records and other court information to a distributed ledger by 2021

Thailand’s largest court claims it is the world’s first government agency to transfer court files to a blockchain. As part of the initiative, the country’s judicial arm is preparing to train court officials on how to use the system. Officials from the Office of the Courts of Justice will act as the users and administrators of the platform.

The announcement came as part of the “Thailand 4.0” policy, that searches to promote economic prosperity, the well-being of citizens, humanitarian values ​​and the protection of the environment.

The initiative is a broad effort to go digital and support the implementation of robotics, smart devices, biotechnology and software upgrades within government. Thailand hopes to boost GDP and ensure that the Eastern Economic Corridor (ECC) becomes a major hub for trade, investment and transportation.