The BJP’s exiled leader demands expulsion of MLA of Kurseong for Gorkhaland and separate state.

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The BJP's exiled leader demands expulsion of MLA of Kurseong for Gorkhaland and separate state.

The BJP MLA has again demanded a separate state. Apart from being vocal in demanding a separate state or union territory for North Bengal, he has also given up the jigir of Gorkhaland. He wrote a letter to JP Nadda saying that after talking to the hill people, he was demanding a separate state with their attitude and passion. An exiled BJP leader then demanded the expulsion of the BJP MLA.

The BJP exiles demanded the expulsion of the MLA demanding partition of Bengal

Exiled BJP leader Chandrasekhar Basotia Banga told the BJP leadership with one hand that the MLA had ignored the party’s position by talking about partition of Bengal. He did not follow the party discipline. He again wrote a letter to JP Nadda, the party’s all-India president, asking why he should not be expelled.

Recently, the BJP leader revolted after not getting a ticket in the Kolkata by-elections. He was then expelled for violating party discipline. This time he did not let the BJP get in the way. Chandrasekhar said, “Again, one of our MLAs has demanded Gorkhaland, making North Bengal a separate state or union territory.” I will tell our state general secretary (organization) Amitabh Chakraborty, who has violated party discipline in Unio, let him also be expelled.

It was written in the manifesto of our party that we will think of the advantages and disadvantages of all the Gorkha people in Bengal, but we will never allow Bengal to be divided. But Karshiang’s legislator has publicly demanded that Gorkhaland or North Bengal be made a separate state, so why not expel him. A few days ago, a BJP MP demanded the partition of Bengal. He was not even mourned. On the contrary, he is now a minister.

Chandrashekhar claims, I am a full member of the team. He does not lobby. Even then he was expelled. The team has suspended him just for talking. However, despite openly opposing the party’s position, many have remained in the party. No action was taken against them. Why this duplicity, he raises the question.

It may be mentioned that Chandrasekhar Basotia had complained that BJP had given tickets to Kolkata municipality in exchange for money. He also went to the headquarters and expressed his displeasure. “It’s unfortunate that I can’t go to the houses of big leaders and do brokerage,” he said. Those who can do this are given tickets even if they come from another party.

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BJP’s suspended leader demands to expel MLA of Kurseong for Gorkhaland and separate state.

Story first published: Monday, December 6, 2021, 23:27 [IST]