The First Crypto Trading Bot with True Results

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This is a trade declaration of one of the Insider Protocol Blockchain Projects Trading accounts on BitMEX.

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The First Crypto Trading Bot With Real Results 102
The First Crypto Trading Bot With Real Results 103

At the moment there are many projects with trading bots, but you all know that all trading statistics of all projects are in most cases fake. And the reason is simple: none of them have ever been able to confirm the reality of the trade, and in general the existence of the trade bot itself.

At the moment the trading bot only works well with the BTC / USDT trading pair and there are only three trading algorithms for different trading periods (short term, medium term and long term), but soon algorithms will be available for other trading pairs such as ETH, LTC and XMR.

This is a new ecosystem by an anonymous development team – Mechanics of the Future – created with an emphasis on the real anonymity of storing sums of money in crypto without the ability to track transactions. The team has set a very high bar for quality and aims to surpass every favorite Monero. The ERC20 protocol will be used temporarily during the development of the Insider Protocol project blockchain. There are several fairly large projects like EOS, Binance etc that have used ERC20 and are still using it while their own blockchains are being prepared for release.

The main part of the project is the ability to join the liquidity of one of the trading pools and benefit from trading the bot based on a neural network. This is the first ICO where users not only buy and hold the asset but also use it to trade with the trading bot.

Trading bot algorithms use the LAYERING technique, which is banned by banks for ordinary people. It allows you to move the price in the right direction yourself through artificial provocation and subsequent activation of large orders from trading bots of the exchanges. The algorithms for running bots on exchanges are well known to the developers of the Insider Protocol project, and therefore, despite the negative trading days, the trading bot will constantly take part of the profits of the exchanges.

Depending on the TID (Trading Investment Deposit) option chosen, users need to specify the trading period and amount, and only activate trading. However, trading does not begin until the next day at 00:01 UTC.

While trading, the user can see all the profits or losses in real time as well as in a detailed table and graphs for each option.

The Insider Protocol project has its own trading platform with an internal IPRO asset. A platform based on a neural network controls the opening and closing of trading positions as well as the constant variation and recalculation of the value of the positions themselves.

The Mechanics of the Future team is also working on an anonymous alternative to LocalBitcoins without using KYC, making the first decentralized exchange, and finalizing the preparations for a new DEFI project with several more projects for a single anonymous insider protocol ecosystem.