The Left Politicizes COVID: Irony Abounds

A person walks past the Pfizer headquarters building in New York City on November 9, 2020. (Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

Democrats “follow the science” care more about politics than science.

Where is the coronavirus gone?

Nowhere. The pandemic has taken a second wind, although it is mysteriously rarer in post-election headlines. If anything, COVID-19 looks more contagious as the cold temperatures roll in, people stay indoors, and perhaps their vitamin D levels drop.

Whatever opinion one has on the virus – whether it remains an existential threat or, conversely, results in excessive lockdowns that are more harmful and perhaps even more deadly than the virus itself – nothing hasn’t changed much since Election Day.

Or have viral perceptions suddenly changed? The pandemic certainly no longer serves as an electoral lever to demagogue President Trump as a real killer.

States like California are under almost complete lockdown. Drastic measures will shorten Thanksgiving gatherings in a way unprecedented in US history. Yet elites such as California Governor Gavin Newsom and House of Commons Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) Have violated quarantines they themselves have approved.

Following the media announcement that Joe Biden would likely become president, crowds took to the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. They violated all state mandates requiring masks and social distancing. The authorities did nothing – just as they did nothing during the summer protests and riots. Apparently, some outdoor gatherings were okay; others, not so much.

A similar distortion of science has accompanied news about the possible deployment of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Julie Kelly of the Conservative Website American size documented the evolving narratives of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer is one of five online companies to receive massive federal funding under the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed ​​program to speed up mass vaccinations. Such an ambitious program is unparalleled in the history of viral epidemiology. On November 16, another company in the program, Moderna, announced promising results from a clinical trial.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicted in early September that by the end of October his company would make a preliminary announcement regarding the safety and effectiveness of his company’s vaccine. His forecast was greeted with trepidation on the left. Any positive assessment was viewed by the left as political, validating the Trump administration’s rapid response to the virus shortly before the election.

Yet on October 27, a week before the election, Pfizer corrected Bourla’s earlier estimate. The company said such a declaration would follow rather than precede the election.

“For us, the election is an artificial step,” Bourla said. “It won’t be a Republican vaccine or a Democratic vaccine. It will be a vaccine for the citizens of the world. “

Admirable rhetoric. But days after the election, Pfizer abruptly announced that in mass human trials, its vaccine was found to be 90% effective and safe after all.

What the company did next was even stranger than the recalibrated schedule.

First, a Pfizer official claimed that the company had never participated in Operation Warp Speed. In an earlier press release, Pfizer boasted of being a full-fledged player in the multibillion-dollar federal effort to accelerate vaccine use. The day after the Pfizer official denied that the company was part of the program, another company spokesperson admitted that the company was in fact part of Operation Warp Speed.

Second, Pfizer did not disclose its alleged vaccine breakthrough in a press conference or statement to the sitting president. Instead, according to Joe Biden, the company contacted “public health advisers” for its campaign.

Apparently Pfizer had, in fact, been guided by the “artificial milestone” of the election, even inadvertently.

Or was Pfizer trying to get Biden’s political backing for his vaccine rollout, which was an overwhelming frontrunner in nearly every pre-election poll? Members of Biden’s campaign team told Bloomberg News that Biden advisers met with officials from companies working on vaccines ahead of the election.

Why would Pfizer act this way?

Perhaps because skeptics Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris had played down the idea of ​​a Trump push to vaccinate millions of Americans.

A few weeks before the election and the expected Pfizer announcement, Biden scoffed: “I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump.

Harris demonized a potential Operation Warp Speed ​​vaccine during a vice-presidential debate: “If Donald Trump tells us to take it, I don’t take it.

Ahead of the election, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo mocked the idea of ​​a pre-election vaccination announcement. After Pfizer’s announcement, Cuomo blasted the Trump administration, saying it should get no credit for the speed of vaccine development, but a lot of blame for a slow planned deployment.

Irony abounds. Those who accused Trump of playing politics with the virus made him look like an amateur in relation to their own machinations. Those who claimed to be guided by science turned out to be non-scientific in their party spirit.

No wonder Americans remain so skeptical of pundits in general and the administrative state of Washington in particular.

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