The Strange Message Written on Ethereum 2.0’s First Block

The Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain was launched today and is starting the first phase of the scaling upgrade for the world’s second largest blockchain by market capitalization.

While the launch went as planned, there was one element of surprise. In the very first block a message was written that at first nobody understood. Rather than paying homage to Ethereum’s first launch or aiming to bail out banks, this message was a little quirkier.

The message read: “Mr. F. was here.”

Given the syntax of the message, it has been appropriately written in the Graffiti section of the block, where reviewers can write their own messages. This is similar to the part in Bitcoin blocks where miners can leave messages.

But what on earth does this message mean? And who is Mr. F?

Some initially thought this was a reference to the hit TV show Arrested Development, as this is the name of the fifth episode of season three. On the show, no one knows who Mr F. is until it turns out to be an inappropriate acronym.

However, it turns out that the origins of this Mr. F. are very different.

According to screenshots from a Discord conversation, a pseudonymous company named Mr Fahrenheit was given the honor of creating the first Ethereum 2.0 block. As Trust node Before the start he reported: “Does that mean I’m in block 0 or 1?”

Mr. Fahrenheit – yes, his name is one Queen reference– is a decentralized app developer (dapp) who was a veteran in the Ethereum ecosystem before looking at the Tron blockchain. In January 2019 he headed the “Tron Shrimp Team”, which created an app called Tron Shrimp Farm on the Tron blockchain. It was briefly popular, rising to 31,671 users per day, but is no longer active.

According to Trust nodeThen Mr. Fahrenheit asked what to write in the first Ethereum 2.0 block. “What if I denounce Bitcoin and compare it to the typewriter,” he suggested.

But obviously he made his decision, and after the Beacon Chain launched, it was up to the Ethereum Foundation’s official cat herder, Hudson Jameson, to solve the mystery. He asked Mr. Fahrenheit on Discord if the block graffiti was an indication of Arrested Development.

“No,” he replied, “[it’s] just briefly for Mr Fahrenheit as in the Queen song, or if you look at mine [Vitalik Buterin] Autograph it is short for “Mr Farenheit” instead. “

Mr. Fahrenheit then published a picture of the signature in question. It is simply aimed at Mr. Farenheit (sic) and signed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

And after that riddle is solved, what happened next is exactly what happened to that Silver monolith in Utah.