The Undertaker names star who should have ended his WrestleMania streak

Wrestling icon The Undertaker has admitted his legendary WrestleMania Streak was broken by the wrong guy – and has named the star who should have gotten the credit instead.

Arguably WWE’s greatest character creation, The Undertaker has hit 55-year-old audiences around the world for 30 years.

One of the most famous aspects of his character was his undefeated run at WWE’s showcase event that lasted decades before ending in stunning style.

Starting in the early 1990s with a win over Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Taker defeated all of his opponents in ‘Mania’ to a 21st consecutive success in 2013.

However, the following year, Vince McMahon’s decision to end The Streak by former UFC star changed WWE attraction Brock Lesnar and provided one of the most shocking and memorable moments in WWE history.

As WWE prepares to say its final goodbyes to The Undertaker at their Survivor Series event this weekend, the man himself has admitted Lesnar’s victory was the wrong decision.

Citing the fact that Lesnar was already a top star in the business, the Texan lamented the possibility of gifting the marquee moment to a younger star – and even went on to name Roman Reigns as the one who should have had the credit.

Daily Star Online took part in an international media conference to watch the Survivor Series – three decades since the Undertaker’s debut at the same event in 1990 – in which the former WWE Champ spoke to Metro and made the stunning confession.

“I guess, selfishly, you don’t want it to end,” he said.

“It was great because it allowed me at that point in my career … I only had to work once or twice a year.

“That in itself was already physically demanding, as it prepared for Wrestlemania every year.

The Undertaker names star who should have ended his WrestleMania streak

“I’ve said this before, I don’t think Brock needed that win. Of course I had no problem with it, I just don’t think he was the man who needed it.

“I think Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt – it would have elevated them to a higher status faster.

“Probably Roman could have used the win more than anyone else, because Bray Wyatt and his development of The Fiend now will catapult him to the next level.

So about the current squad, I would have to say it could have been Roman. If you were to break [The Streak] he should have been. “

If the ending of The Streak is a real regret for The Undertaker in a storied, unparalleled career, it’s not one of many.

The Undertaker names star who should have ended his WrestleMania streak

Asked to name something he might not have been able to drop from his industry performance wishlist, he merely pointed out that he had had a very short championship reign.

Fleeting WWE title runs in 1991 and 1997 set the tone in this regard, meaning the man himself rarely got a chance to cherish wearing the gold.

He added, “I’ve wrestled all over the world and wrestled with everyone from my generation, so there’s not much [I didn’t get to do].

“I think, just because of certain things, I would probably want one of my titles to reign a little longer.

“One of the last times I won the title was going to be an extended reign, and I ended up having a bicep ripped or something.

“After 30 years there is not much that I have not been able to achieve in 30 years, so I am very proud of that.”

WWE Survivor Series, a 30th anniversary of The Undertaker, will air Sunday, November 22 on WWE Network and BT Sport Box Office. Visit for more.