The White House’s explanation for a tear gas attack on peaceful protesters doesn’t add up
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The White House’s explanation for a tear gas attack on peaceful protesters doesn’t add up

Minutes before President Donald Trump was to speak at the White House Rose Garden about the protests against police brutality, law enforcement officers outside the White House launched tear gas on hundreds of peaceful protesters gathered in neighboring Lafayette Square.

It delivered one shocking scene of federal officials who shoot a weapon prohibited from warfare among Americans. The crowd dispersed, allowing Secret Service, National Guard, and Park Police personnel to create a path for Trump and his team to visit a nearby church after his address.

That led to widespread speculation that Trump or someone else in the White House had ordered the tear gas attack only to have Trump Photo on he wanted to join his team St. John’s Episcopal Church, a recent cause of the célèbre in the bottom right after the cellar was partly burned during the unrest on Sunday evening.

All this seemed unreal and, if true, very disturbing. Has the White House deliberately let federal officials shoot American civilians with tear gas just to help Trump?

So I emailed the White House a simple question, “Do it [you] Do you know who gave the order to clean up the crowd in Lafayette Square with tear gas? ‘

This is the answer from Judd Deere, a White House spokesman, “ The perimeter was expanded to help maintain the curfew at 7pm in the same area where rioters attempted to set fire to one of our nation’s most historic churches the night before. stabbing. Protesters received three warnings from the U.S. Park Police. ‘

This statement is suspicious for several reasons – the most important being that although DC Mayor Bowser ordered a curfew for DC from 7pm, video The incident clearly shows that law enforcement fired the tear gas well before then.

Second, the statement is not specifically about my actual question, which was, “Who ordered the purge of the Lafayette Square crowd with tear gas?”

And third, the statement explicitly mentions the church, which seems to indicate that the purpose of the whole ordeal was to get Trump to St. John anyway.

I contacted Deere in an email and asked two specific questions: “1) The tear gas was shot well before 7pm. Was it necessary to launch? and (again): “2) Who ordered the tear gas launch?”

“You have my explanation,” he replied. “I have nothing else to say.”

Let’s be clear on what this means: The White House explicitly does not deny that Trump or any other government official turned the tear gas attack green, and there is no clear explanation as to why anyone thought the use of tear gas on peaceful protesters was justified, so the President a Photo op.

At a time when citizens across the country are taking the streets by the thousands to claim responsibility for uncontrolled police brutality, the White House – perhaps even the president himself – seems to have made a conscious decision to take on one of those (completely peaceful) respond) protests with more uncontrolled police brutality.

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