These aren’t Mike Bobo’s CSU Rams anymore, kids. Steve Addazio’s guys looked more like Wyoming than Wyoming did.

FORT COLLINS — A year ago, they blow this. Don’t they? Concentration would lapse, brain cramps would pile up, and the cameras would catch the CSU Rams celebrating before the job was actually done.

Some linebacker misses a tackle. Some defensive back blows a coverage. Some kicker scuffs a chippie. And some other team runs over and grabs the flipping trophy as time expires.

These ain’t Mike Bobo’s Rams anymore.

“It’s the best energy I’ve felt since I’ve been here,” CSU quarterback Patrick O’Brien said after his Rams held on for a 34-24 win over rival Wyoming late Thursday night, the program’s first victory in the Border War since 2015. “It’s really special for me. But it’s (more) special for the guys that have been here longer than I have.”

These Rams barely resembled those teams. CSU didn’t just hit the Cowboys first. It hit ‘em hard. It hit ‘em repeatedly. These Rams (1-1) were relentless, feisty, winning at the of scrimmage, winning at the little things.

The 112th iteration of the Border War saw two old, familiar sidelines experience a total body and identity switch, like something out of the movie “Freaky Friday.” In the game that mattered most to the CSU fans watching everywhere but Canvas Stadium, the Rams managed to out-Bohl Wyoming coach Craig Bohl.

CSU wasn’t perfect, by any stretch. But man, did it play clean. The Rams of Steve Addazio, Week 2, looked nothing like the Keystone Kops of Week 1.

They were physical. Smart. Poised. Disciplined. They found a way to be air-tight when it mattered most. Especially late, after cushions of 17-0 and 24-7 began to slowly, methodically, wither away.

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The Cowboys (1-2), meanwhile, were a hot mess pretty much from the jump: three turnovers, eight penalties, and an offense that converted on just four of 15 third-down tries on the night. Wyoming burned through its first two timeouts of the tilt in a hurry, looking almost rattled by the sight of that many empty seats on Pitkin Street staring back at them.

“I wish I had the answer to that,” Bohl told reporters when asked why the Pokes needed jumper cables to turn the engine over.