Thieves scrawl 'thanks pal' on OAP's fence after stealing £500 tools

Cheeky burglars left a cruel message saying ‘thank you friend’ on a retiree’s gate after stealing over £ 500 worth of power tools.

The thieves sprayed ‘thanks’, ‘ha’ and a sad emoji face in green letters over the grandfather’s property after breaking into his shed.

In the early morning hours, on May 3, they assisted with two welding machines and an angle grinder.

The 68-year-old from Fleetwood, Lancs., Who does not want to be named for fear of reprisals, was intimidated when he saw the arrogant message.

His daughter Helen said, “He was just flabbergasted – we all were.

“It suddenly looked small and it really upset him.

“His barn is his pride and joy. That’s what keeps him healthy. “

The thieves took a Makita angle grinder, a Hawk welder and a Clark arc welder.

Neighbors got together quickly and painted over the graffiti within hours due to concerns that it could be a marker for more burglaries.

Helen said, “The idiots who did this are just really stupid.

“They’re selfish and keep digging around the city like they’ll never get caught.”

Lancashire police said they are investigating reports of burglaries in the area and investigations are currently ongoing.