Thousands of Sky customers to see prices rise up to £72 a year

Thousands of Sky broadband and TV customers could see a whopping £ 72 a year price increase from August.

The latter increase applies to customers who initially saw no bill when prices for everyone else were raised in April.

Customers will see the cost of their Entertainment TV package increase by £ 2 per month, while Sky’s Essentials broadband customers will also see a price increase of £ 2 per month.

Those with multi-screen services get £ 1 a month added to their accounts, while those with HD TV packages also pay an extra £ 1 a month, as the Mirror reports.

The hardest hit households saw their bills increase by £ 6 a month in total, which comes down to £ 72 a year, but Sky calculated that the average increase will be half.

Customers with Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and Sky Sports TV packages are unchanged, along with blazing fast broadband and home phone prices.

Ahead of the April rise, Sky said Mirror money “We know that price increases are never welcome, so we try to keep prices low while providing customers with the best entertainment in one place, with excellent customer service and even more flexibility to choose the package that suits them best. ”

For more information about Sky package prices and to view your bill online, visit Sky website here.