Three people taken to hospital after house explosion

Three people have been taken to hospital after an explosion in a house in West Yorkshire.

A witness helped a family escape after the blast, which shook houses like an “earthquake,” and was heard three miles away, at about 7:30 am on Saturday.

Photos posted online show a huge wall of flames shortly after the explosion in Illingworth, near Halifax, and smoldering piles of debris after the property was ‘squashed’. Mirror report.

“There is literally nothing left of the house,” one resident wrote on Facebook, while another man said the property had “disappeared”.

The explosion was so powerful that it shook the ground about a mile away, another local said.

It is thought that the house was occupied by a couple and their son. Yorkshire Live Report the victims were treated on the spot and taken to hospital for further care while firefighters fought the fire. A neighbor in his nineties was one of the evacuees, the locals said.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said three people were treated and taken to hospital, and all others accounted for.

The agency said the explosion hit one building and six surrounding homes were evacuated for security reasons.

The cause of the explosion is investigated.

Shortly after 1:00 pm, the service said the fire in the property had been extinguished and firefighters were clearing the area.

A photo shared by the service showed smoking rubble where the building had once stood.

The fire department said crews will likely be on site for some time.

They also said crews have been working with police and ambulance services, as well as local authorities and utility companies.

Many in the area posted on social media and reported an extremely loud bang.

One of them wrote, “Never go so fast that it shook the boardwalk at Ogden.”

Fire trucks from Fairweather Green, Halifax and Odsal were initially present and were joined by specialist units from Cleckheaton and Dewsbury.

A Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokeswoman also confirmed to have been present at the incident, which took place on private property.

A fundraising campaign for those affected by the blast, it was set up Saturday morning, with people offering to donate clothes and food to the family through local businesses and charities.