Tiger seized after bizarre video shows 'cowboy’ lasso exotic pet with rope

The escaped Bengal tiger filmed through the streets as the cowboy owner caught him with a lasso has now been seized, in bizarre scenes reminiscent of Tiger King.

In a video shot in a car by stunned witnesses last week, the tiger stalks the road with three pursuers.

The men, all dressed in large cowboy-style hats, throng around the animal.

At this point, one of the men swings a string around his head, which he then throws at the tiger and captures it in a lasso at the head.

The exotic pet has now been taken by authorities after it escaped from the owner’s garden in Mexico.

Unsurprisingly, the bizarre incident went viral on social media, leading to the tiger being tracked down to a home in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco state.

One of the videos has been viewed more than 2.4 million times on Facebook.

After investigating the problem, the national animal protection unit PROFEPA tracked down the owner and found the tiger with a second tiger in the yard of his house.

The pair of Bengal tigers lived in a large cage in a man's private garden

Agents found the two tigers in a large cage area – one of which turned out to be a rare white tiger – according to local media.

One animal was a ten-month-old male and the other a two-year-old, nine-month-old female.

It was not known what color the male was and what the female.

Both tigers were found to be in good condition with no signs of abuse, according to local reports.

The owner was able to demonstrate documentation of his legal acquisition of the tigers, after inspecting papers, authorities discovered that the animals had not been registered and that there was no “management plan”.

For the time being, the tigers are being held by the authorities for their own protection until the owner meets the legal requirements necessary to keep them.

Bengal tigers are endangered in the wild, with less than 2,500 left, in part due to poaching and loss of habits.


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