Today’s Top 5 NFT Crypto Games / Leading NFT Games of 2020

The value of the US video game market in 2020 is estimated $ 60.4 billion USD. In the US alone, video game consumer spending in the second quarter was $ 11.6 billion. In a market like this, competition is fierce. Here is a list and overview of the 5 best crypto games of today that have been analyzed by Millennium Communicationsand covers a variety of styles. Everyone uses the popular Non-fungable tokensor NFT as an integral part of any game. There really is something for everyone with these top picks selected for their ease of use, popularity, flare and growth potential …

  1. CryptoKitties

The landscape of crypto games has changed dramatically since 2017. At this point, the rush of CryptoKitties, the world’s first blockchain gaming application, has pushed transactions on the Ethereum network to an all-time high. CryptoKitty enthusiasts eagerly bought, bred, sold, and collected adorable, virtual, and cryptographically, and aesthetically unique cats that overloaded the network. They sent a clear and loud message to the world: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have real monetary value and can be great fun too.

On December 2, 2017, “Genesis”, the first and most expensive CryptoKitty, was sold on the same day for ETH 246.9255 – then USD 117.712. It was also noted that they can represent liability on a blockchain network. Almost immediately after launch, CryptoKitties became so popular that increased activity on the network slowed crawling. The number of attendees had to be withheld, so on December 3, 2017, to slow the rate at which buyers were running CryptoKitty breeding on the network, the CryptoKitties design team at Axiom Zen doubled the “birth fee”. (This seemed to help.)

In fact, the game’s popularity is still so high because of its classic prestige, ease of use, and good character Cuteness, that it tops our list of today’s Top 5 NFT Crypto Games. With a daily transfer of 865, it’s still number 1 loudly Etherscan for NFTs.

  1. Axie Infinity

Our second choice, Axie Infinity is an outstanding example of the bold combination of DeFi elements with NFTs. The Ethereum-based game Axie Infinity is a decentralized turn-based strategy game influenced by Pokémon and Tamagotchi When players breed, fight and trade in NFT fantasy creatures called “Axies”. And now as a governance token, the AXS – Axie Infinifty Shard – is available (from October 27, 2020) on Binance. The game’s players also received AXS tokens as a reward for their previous participation. These governance tokens give the holders voting rights for decisions regarding the gaming platform.

Axie Infinity holds # 2 position by market cap with an impressive 26.18% increase over the past 7 days. Since launch, the game has attracted over 7,000 token holders and over 4,500 active market participants. The total volume at the time of this writing is 16,412.5 and total assets is 192,067, a popular and unique option for gamers.

  1. Gods without a chain

Gods without a chain is a TCG – trading card game – comparable to Hearth stone Here, players are given packs of cards to build a deck with unique rare cards, all ERC-721 tokens. With a stellar team of former Google and Riot Games engineers led by Chris Clay, former Magic: The Gathering Arena game director, Gods Unchained received $ 15 million in funding to help create one of the top games on the blockchain -Gaming community.

Unlike other free games, Gods Unchained gives players complete ownership of their in-game items. The game works in different modes and allows the single or multiplayer format. It includes weekly competitive tournaments that result in substantial prizes. Total assets according to hit 6,949,531 with an impressive 14,636 owners. The graphics are beautifully created and the game is fast-paced, which is an exciting option for gamers.

  1. TerraVirtua

Our fourth pick is a next-level immersive collector’s platform that includes mobile, AR and VR with unique social, playful and creative experiences powered and secured by a blockchain. Users receive their own Terra crypto wallet, which is funded via a credit card and / or linked to a Metamask account and funded at ETH. This platform is characterized by almost unlimited possibilities for collectors of digital assets.

Have a rare car through TerraVirtua to present yourself on a virtual track or to drive with others. Own a unique spaceship and use it to explore the VR room. Display your digital collection of vinyl album covers that also unlock music – in your personal lounge. All are possible in Terra Virtua. Users own their unique digital assets, show them in their personalized Terra Art Galleries, FanCaves or Terra Domes and show, share, trade and participate with them – and with others if desired. It’s a complete platform for trading, sharing, and playing with collectibles from top brands, from the iconic Top Gun movie to the Netflix show Lost In Space. Virtual items can be bought on the marketplace or through an auction.

What makes the platform so special is not only its endless potential for creating new environments and display methods for collectibles, but also its extremely high level of graphics and design. TerraVirtua is well on its way to becoming the premier platform to share, trade, and interact with digital collectibles in creative, social, engaging, and immersive ways.

FanCave / Terra Dome

  1. TradeStars

Tradestars is a fantasy stock trading game powered by the Ethereum + Matic Layer 2 blockchains. Cricket launched in January 2020 with 30,000 users on board quickly. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, auto racing and other sports will be published next. At the moment you can pre-register TradeStars version 2 will be released later in November.

Players trade fantasy stocks and their value is influenced by the actual performance of the athletes. This way, participants can use their sports knowledge to make money on their investments. TradeStars uses blockchain to ensure transparency, decentralization, continuous liquidity and real digital ownership.

The platform aims to combine the best of traditional fantasy sports games with blockchain games. It is based on a set of smart contracts to interact with users who manage liquid stock markets, with assets that can be traded at any time. Switching off an intermediary essentially means gamification DeFi (Decentralized finance that is now becoming increasingly popular).

Based on a user’s involvement in different markets, a percentage of other users’ transaction fees can be earned. This creates a platform for games with competitive sports knowledge that is not only fun, but potentially quite profitable. Tradestars offers players an exciting and unique opportunity in the blockchain gaming space.

This completes our top 5 NFT crypto games list. With so many options and so many unique possibilities, the possibilities are truly endless. I hope you all enjoy the game and may the best and brightest player win!