Toddler sent spinning 100ft in sky after huge gust of wind drags her up on kite

A three-year-old was pulled into the sky by a large kite after a huge gust of wind Nanliao Harbor of Hsinchu City in Taiwan today.

The young girl, whose surname was Lin, was at the 2020 International Kite Festival in the city when a kite with a long strip was blown violently by the wind.

This kite somehow became tangled around Lin’s stomach and she was pulled into the sky.

Lin is thankfully ok, only suffering minor scratches according to Taiwan News, but it was terrifying for everyone.

A video shared on social media seems to show the girl swinging in the air for a few seconds before someone pulled the kite down.

She was pretty high up, and the video shows her twisting through the air as shocked onlookers can’t believe what they’re seeing.

There was lots of screaming and shouting, but thankfully a group of people caught the girl when she fell.

Lin was then sent to hospital by staff at the event with her mum for a check over, although as reported, she was ok.

The event, which was organised by the city government, called the whole thing off after the incident, then the city mayor, Lin Chih-chien, issued an apology on Facebook for what had happened.

The mayor promised that there would be a full investigation into what had happened to prevent anything similar from happening in the future.

“The city government team offers its sincere apology to the victim and the public,” Lin Chih-chien said.