Top Analyst Says Five Little-Known Crypto Assets Could Rally As Bitcoin Moves Sideways

Top trader and crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe says he expects Bitcoin to face a small dip and then bounce back and move sideways, giving altcoins a chance to thrive during the stability.

In a new strategy session, Van de Poppe predicts Bitcoin’s volatility will “drain away,” naming five altcoins that traders can potentially “buy the dip” on in the near future.

The strategist notes the hybrid blockchain platform LTO Network (LTO) appears to have significant upside. He says traders should watch to see if the asset consolidates and sustains a value of 680–720 satoshis for a potential buying opportunity.

Van de Poppe says Origin Protocol, a blockchain commerce platform, is on a potential buy-the-dip level right now if it continues to appear like it’s bottoming out. He says the best entry zone is around 2750 sats.

He also believes DGB, an open-source smart contract, DApp, and customizable token network, is looking bullish. If the asset dips but holds at the 220–230 sats level, he says it’s worth investing in.

VIDT is the token for V-ID, a file protection and validation formula. Van de Poppe says he’s not in favor of buying it at the moment, after its huge recent price rally. But he does believe there could be buy-the-dip opportunities in the future if it consolidates, particularly around 5000–6000 sats.

WRX is the utility token for WazirX, an India-based cryptocurrency exchange. Van de Poppe says he would be cautious about investing in WRX at the moment since it’s still trending south price-wise. However, if it starts to move sideways, the trader says he’d be happy to make an entry around 7000 sats.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/Art Furnace