Top Crypto Analyst Expects XRP to Surge 100x, Unveils New Long-Term Price Target

One popular crypto trader and analyst says XRP is gearing up for a wild bull run.

The analyst, known by the name Credible Crypto, tells Its 71,000 followers on Twitter, which XRP will pull back during Bitcoin’s next big correction, may not suffer as much as other altcoins.

“A lot of alts will spend hard, but XRP / BTC is supported so it may not be as badly affected as other alts.”

Once BTC goes through a healthy retracement, the analyst says XRP is ready to start a long-term rally that sees the value of the coin increase 100x.

When asked if he thinks XRP will go up 100x, credible crypto answered Affirming that he has a target price of $ 25-30 on the asset.

As for Bitcoin, the analyst says He believes that a correction is imminent after the historic rally in the leading cryptocurrency – but it’s not yet time for a reversal. The analyst believes that BTC could hit a new all-time high (ATH) first.

“Our 3rd sub-wave looks complete, but we still have our 4th and 5th (blow-off top) ahead of us [in my opinion]. Crazy to say that, but I think we’ll be breaking ATH in the days to come. Incredible…

Parabolas never end well, and if this one breaks we will likely see a 30-40% correction. That being said, it’s not time for that yet. “

Source: Credible Crypto

Featured image: Shutterstock / Gorev Evgenii