Tourism bosses warn people to stay away this weekend

People are urged to stay away from the beauty spots of Britain this Bank Holiday weekend, despite the slight easing of the lockdown measures.

Tourist organizations and residents of coastal cities fear an influx of frustrated families seizing the opportunity to make the most of the milder measures after being trapped inside for weeks.

The Norfolk Coast Partnership has called on the public to stay away from the coast for the time being so that the area is not ‘overwhelmed’.

Dorset Council and Visit Peak District & Derbyshire tourism board tell people to “think” before traveling, act responsibly and protect the local community.

The Cumbria Local Resilience Forum has sent a thank you message to holidaymakers who postponed their trips to the area after last weekend’s visitor numbers were ‘lower than expected’.

It said, “The message remains that the province is not quite ready for visitors to return to their usual numbers.”

Colin Cox, Cumbria’s public health director, said, “I continue to urge people to hold their plans for the Lake District on hold as we struggle with the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak in the county.

“I understand that people may feel that their individual visits will not cause a problem, but if thousands of people have the same idea, it can cause real problems.”

After a period of sunny weather across much of the UK, the weather in the north is expected to be restless and windy with showers or longer showers this weekend, according to the Met Office.

It says there will be scattered showers in the south on Saturday, but it will become dry, calm and increasingly warmer.

Representatives from Hampshire’s New Forest National Park tweeted that the beauty spot is “on high fire alert!” Is.

It added that no barbecues or campfires are allowed and that “rangers will be out again this weekend with other organizations to protect people and wildlife.”

Coastal visitors will find many parking garages, public restrooms, and local businesses are still closed, along with many local businesses, according to the Norfolk Coast Partnership.

Manager Estelle Hook said, “In many places on the coast there is not the infrastructure to support the necessary social distance or to ensure that visitors are provided with the facilities they would normally expect, such as parking garages or toilets.”

She added that the organizations responsible for taking care of the shoreline want to welcome visitors “but right now it’s safer to stay away.”

Jo Dilley, general manager of Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire, said: ‘We know it is tempting to visit the places we have all missed so much, but until we can give you the warm welcome we all want, we ask visitors to think carefully before traveling to the area and to stay local if possible this holiday weekend.

“Under the revised government guidelines, we already had reports of crowds at tourist hotspots where it was nearly impossible to keep two meters apart, jeopardizing the safety of our local communities.”

The RNLI warned potential beachgoers that lifeguards “may not be everywhere this summer.”

Anyone heading out should check the weather and tide reports, monitor their families, and not use bouncy castles, it said.

The message was supported by Dee Cafari, the first woman to solo around the world in both directions non-stop.

She tweeted, “Enjoy the weather, but watch out. Things are different now, so we have to act responsibly. ”

Edmund King, AA President, suggested that it is “not surprising” that thousands of day trippers will want to enjoy some of the best surfing beaches in the UK.

He said, “While they understand the frustrations of the police and locals, it is of course difficult for individuals to know how busy an area would be until they get there.”

He called for clarification of the rules to relieve the picturesque coastal and rural areas and said: “Perhaps the government should have postponed postponing holiday trips until after the holiday to avoid this situation, but drivers should also consider how far they should go travel to enjoy the outdoors safely. ”


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