Town called 'F***ing' changes its name after tourists flock to have sex by sign

A small town in Austria with a famously profane name is given a less offensive name.

F *** ing is located in the Branau district in the north of the country, with only 106 permanent residents.

Over the years, it has attracted a healthy number of English-speaking tourists who visit to pose in front of the city’s signs.

There have even been cases of theft, with tourists leaving with the signs as comical souvenirs. Local authorities were forced to concrete and weld the signs in 2005 to prevent theft.

In 2009, the city had to install CCTV cameras to keep tourists from filming themselves having sex in front of the F *** ing signs.

But all the fun comes to an end next year after Tarsdorf City Council decides yes on a name change.

From 2021, F *** ing will instead be called Fugging, which is pronounced almost the same, but is not a swear word in any language.

Mayor Andrea Holzner confirmed the new name on Thursday, saying the change would take place early next year.

The city is located in Upper Austria, near Salzburg

The news has been received with grief from those who have been fans of the city’s iconic name.

Austrian writer Kurt Palm published a novel called Bad F *** ing set in the city in 2010, and the book was later adapted into a hit movie.

It is believed that the city was founded in the 6th century by a Bavarian nobleman named Focko.

Spelling has evolved over the years, with early records referring to the town as Vucchingen in 1070, Fuching in 1303, Fughking in 1532, and the modern spelling in the 18th century.

It is pronounced to rhyme with “books.”

F *** ing first began to attract foreign visitors after World War II, when British and American soldiers stationed in nearby Salzburg heard the name and started shooting along the street signs.