Trader Says His BTC 7 Has Been Stuck in LocalBitcoins Escrow Since 2017

Source: Adobe / Ananass

ONE LocalBitcoins One user who claims he was robbed “during a cash trade” for Bitcoin (BTC) on the popular peer-to-peer crypto trading platform claims that BTC 7 is “still in an escrow account”.

LocalBitcoins operates an escrow service for users who want to add a layer of security to the transactions they carry out on the platform.

But in a YouTube VideoThe user, who says his first name is Alex, claimed he tried to make a trade on BTC 7 worth around $ 8,000 in February 2017 (but closer to $ 135,900 at today’s prices).

Alex stated that the man he had agreed to close the deal with had contacted him at the last minute to let him know that his girlfriend would be attending their face-to-face meeting at his place in London – and eventually two Men attacked and robbed.

He added that the attackers then robbed three other Bitcoin traders in the same way, though that number was reduced to two in a Reddit post.

He claimed that the “criminal” who robbed him insisted on using LocalBitcoins’ escrow service – despite the fact that it was supposed to be a personal transaction.

Alex claimed he tried to speak to LocalBitcoins about the matter, but his attempt to reclaim his BTC funds has so far been unsuccessful. He alleged that, despite police evidence in support of his claims, LocalBitcoins was skeptical of Alex’s claims – and refused to contact a UK-based police officer who had been handling his case.

He’s on Twitter too allegedly that a Reddit post he wrote on this topic has been removed by administrators in the r / localbitcoins subreddit.

Alex then did one similar post on the r / bitcoin subreddit, where many posters indicated that he is seeking legal help. has asked LocalBitcoins to comment on this story.
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