Transsexual teen 'punched in face and called monster' by attackers speaks out

A transsexual teen spoke out against her attackers after being called a “monster” and twice in the face when she tried to leave her home.

Eva Vildosola, 19, a transsexual woman, was attacked when she tried to leave her home in Barcelona on Friday, November 20.

In an Instagram post, Eva said a group of people called her a ‘monster’ and started yelling at her while walking down the street.

She said she was then grabbed and punched twice in the face, while others kicked her all over.

The teenager spoke out against the assaulted LGBT phobia and expressed the helplessness she felt shortly after, pointing out that she is a “normal 19-year-old”.

Eva shared images of her bloody face saying, “Today I left the house and as soon as I left, I hadn’t walked a block, they started yelling at me f ****** travelo! Monster!

“I’m a normal 19 year old girl.”

Eva Vildosola

Eva added: “I’m transsexual, yes, but that doesn’t make me less normal, it doesn’t make me monstrous, no It makes me less, I have the right to go out, I have the right to do with my social networks what I want and I have all the rights that everyone should have, I have tried all my life to be what I am.

“It was pretty bad today that someone tried to take it from me.”

Eva Vildosola

LGBT activists in Barcelona have said that Eva was “brutally attacked” is terrible and denounced the young woman’s attackers.

It also condemned the events and made the observatory services available to her.

On its Twitter account, the observatory has indicated that it has activated the protocols it implements in these cases.

The group also demanded “effective public policy” to end attacks like this one.