Trump’s Twitter meltdown is on its third day and has escalated to baseless murder allegations
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Trump’s Twitter meltdown is on its third day and has escalated to baseless murder allegations

President Donald Trump’s ongoing meltdown has now entered his third day – containing not only his usual false allegations about the government’s Covid-19 response, but also ugly, nonsensical attacks on his supposed enemies.

On the heels of a Sunday and Monday in which Trump extended a number of accounts that promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory that Democrats are involved in a pedophilia cult, tweets unfounded that accused former President Obama of crimes, NBC claimed fire Chuck Todd and promoted a company he still owns and benefits from, Trump managed Tuesday morning to take things up a notch by suggesting Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is guilty of murder.

When will they open a Cold Case on the Psycho Joe Scarborough Florida issue. Did he get away with murder? Some people think so, “Trump wrote. “Why did he leave Congress so quietly and quickly? Is not it clear? What happens now? A total crazy job! ”

Suffice it to say that there is no evidence that Scarborough, who used to be friends with Trump but has received sharp criticism of him in recent years, has been guilty of murder.

The president’s tweet refers to the accidental death of a trainee in 2001 who worked in the Scarborough office in Fort Walton Beach, Florida when he was a member of Congress. Yaron Steinbuch of The New York Post provided the relevant details in a piece published earlier this month, on an earlier occasion when Trump alluded to this conspiracy theory on Twitter:

The president appeared to refer to the case of Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old intern who was found dead in Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach Florida office when he was a congressman.

The medical examiner judged the accidental death and said Klausutis was passed out due to an undiagnosed heart condition and hit her head on a desk.

No evidence has ever been found linking Scarborough to her death.

The president casually suggests – without evidence – that a cable news presenter is guilty of murder, of course, is wild, but Trump seems to have somewhat stunned the country for things like this.

There was much more where that came from Tuesday morning.

Trump does not seem to be honest about the corona virus

With US coronavirus deaths now over 80,000 and the number of new cases per day show no downward trend, Trump wrongly stated on Tuesday morning that “numbers are falling in most parts of our country, wanting to open and get back to work.”

That tweet followed NBC reported on “undisclosed data used by the White House pandemic task force to track the number of infections”, showing that “Coronavirus infection rates to be spiking to new highlights in various metropolitan areas and smaller communities in the entire country. And despite what Trump would have people believe, poll has consistently shown that a majority of Americans are against company reopening until the virus is under control.

That wasn’t the only misleading statement about the corona virus Trump made on Tuesday. While in fact he left states to take care of himself, Trump tried to pay tribute to the strong approval ratings many governors have for tackling the crisis, writing that they could not have gotten those numbers in any way or that would have been successful without me and the federal government assists. From fans to testing, we’ve done it. ”

However, states have had to develop test systems to a large extent independentand some have even resorted to buying test kits from abroad because they have not received enough help from the federal government.

Trump also tweeted an allegation that America has conducted more coronavirus testing than “all other countries put together.” But even a cursory look at the country-by-country test figures shows that this statement, which has become one of Trump’s established claims, is far from the truth.

Coronavirus testing was reportedly the subject of a Trump press conference on Monday – one that ended with him leaving the stage after an exchange with CBS’s Weijia Jiang demanding Jiang, who is Asian-American, ask asks China about the coronavirus response instead of asking him.

Hours later, Trump tweeted, without evidence, that “Asian Americans are VERY angry with what China has done to our country and the world. Chinese Americans are the most angry. I don’t blame them!”

What Trump wants people to forget is he defended the way China dealt with the corona virus – until finding a scapegoat became more important to him than somehow remaining on good terms with the country.

Another memorable moment of Monday’s press conference was when Trump was pushed to explain the ‘OBAMAGATE’ conspiracy theory that he pushed, which spectacularly failed.

Trump wants people to believe that Obama was guilty of devising a plan to use Michael Flynn’s research to undermine Trump’s entire presidency before it started. But there is no evidence that this is true, and when Philip Rucker of the Washington Post asked Trump to explain what specific crime he believed Obama had committed, Trump had nothing.

“Um, Obamagate. It has been happening for a long time, ” he started. “It’s been going on before I even got elected, and it’s a shame it happened, and if you look at what’s going on, and if you look now, all this information is being released – and from what I understand that is just the beginning – terrible things have happened and it should never happen again in our country. ‘

It was an embarrassing moment, but apparently Trump is not deterred. He started his Tuesday morning with tweets proclaiming that “OBAMAGATE keeps Watergate looking small!” – never mind he can’t even explain what “Obamagate” is.

And finally, no Trump Twitter meltdown would be complete without retweeting obscure accounts from the corners of the internet in an attempt to portray his supposed enemies in the worst possible light.

More than three years after Trump’s presidency, it’s not exactly news that he’s posting bad tweets. But it’s worth stepping back and thinking about how the deluge of groundless accusations, lies, and deflection Trump placed on Tuesday morning alone would have been a major national scandal in any previous era. In Trump’s America it is another day that ends with a ‘y’.

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