Twin toddlers both die as one falls in pool and the other dives in to save him

Twin toddlers have tragically died after one fell into a family pool and the other tried to save him, it has been reported.

Two-year-olds Sebastian and Ethan were found dead in water in South Africa last weekend.

Police are now investigating the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding their deaths.

A local spokesperson for the ambulance service confirmed the deaths of the two brothers in a statement.

He said, “The rescue paramedics came to the scene and found that the twins had somehow fallen into the family bath.

Paramedics assessed the two and attempted CPR.

However, their attempts were unsuccessful and both boys were declared dead on the spot.

According to the boys’ grandpa, Ivan Ikes, the duo had walked around outside in the care of their babysitter without her knowing, reports The sun.

Mr Ikes posted on social media saying, “The guys got up and went out and somehow, after some fiddling, got the pool gate open.

“One child fell in and the other, which seemed like beckoning his brother out, jumped in to save him.” They hung on the Kreepy Krawly (pool cleaner) for as long as possible until they finally succumbed to their fate. . “

Twin toddlers both die as one falls in pool and the other dives in to save him

The horrific accident was recorded on CCTV, the moment when the boys opened the gate and fell into the pool.

Mr. Ikes posted an emotional tribute online, he said, “They came into our lives together, they left our lives together.”

In a separate incident earlier this year, a babysitter who left twin toddlers unattended before drowning in a swimming pool avoided prison, reports Mirror.

Twin toddlers both die as one falls in pool and the other dives in to save him

Jennifer Salley, 37, owner of OM Baby Childcare in West Knoxville, Tennessee, pleaded guilty to two charges of negligent murder in court this week.

She took care of Elijah and Elyssa Orejuela at her home on July 20, 2018, when she left the nearly two-year-old toddlers unattended.

The kids managed to get out of the bedroom to the pool, and when Salley returned, she found them floating and unconscious.

She called the emergency services who arrived at Salley’s Om Baby home daycare, Knox News reports.

But unfortunately it was too late.

Elyssa was pronounced dead on the same day, while Elijah survived for two days before passing away on July 22.