Twins more likely to die from coronavirus if their sibling has, scientists find

A coronavirus study has shown that a person with twins who already died from the disease is also more likely to die.

The latest findings, revealed by a team of scientists in Australia, looked at cCovid-19 cases in which at least two pairs of twins died of the virus within hours of each other.

The experts believe that a person’s genetic makeup can affect how their body responds to the virus and how resilient they can be to fight it.

The study looked at the case of 37-year-old Katy and Emma Davies, who died at South Hopsital in Southampton in April, Nine news in Australian reports.

The sisters, who lived together and both had underlying health problems, had been ill before contracting the virus.

Likewise, Eleanor and Eileen Andrews, 66, lived together and had underlying health issues before dying of Covid-19.

The study also looked at siblings, with brothers Ghulam Abbasm, 59 and Raza Abbas, 54 from Newport, Wales, dying, and Olume Ivowi, 46, and Isi Ivowi, 38 from Luton, who also succumbed to the virus.

Professor John Hopper, director of Twins Research Australia said there is no evidence that twins are more likely to cause lethal coronavirus symptoms, nor are they more susceptible to infection than any other people.

But if twins become infected and suffer from a particular symptom, their twins are more likely to experience it the same way.

Twins more likely to die from coronavirus if their sibling has, scientists find

Which in turn means that if someone dies after contracting the virus and their twins are also infected, the infection is more likely to be fatal.

Prof Hopper told Nine News, “If one is prone to certain symptoms, the other is likely to experience the same because of their genetics. But that doesn’t mean twins are more prone to contracting or dying from coronavirus.

“When you study twins, you get information about the role of genetics in how the virus affects someone. What we see is that there is a huge variation in outcomes if you are infected with Covid-19.

“By studying twins, you check genetic and environmental factors to determine how two people can deal with them.”

The Twins Research Australia is currently looking at thousands of pairs of twins to see how they respond to the virus both physically and mentally.


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