Twins who died in fire found 'holding hands' after accidentally locking mum out

Twin girls who tragically died in a house fire were crouched and found hand in hand.

Aisha and Lailani Ford, three, had accidentally locked their mother outside so she couldn’t save them and were pronounced dead on the spot.

The heartbreaking incident happened at the young family’s home in Batlow, New South Wales, Australia on Monday.

Their mother Tankya, 29, had come out to throw away a pillow after it got smoky from a wood-burning stove in the living room.

When she was outside with her five-year-old son, the toddlers would have playfully locked the door, preventing her from entering.

Within minutes, the house went up in flames.

Tankya yelled at her daughters to open the door, but she could only watch helplessly as the fire ripped through the room.

The desperate mother tried to break through a window, but was left “covered in cuts and scratches” with her eyes “raw red” from crying.

When firefighters fought their way in, they discovered that Aisha and Lailani had crouched together, hand in hand and unresponsive.

The young girls are said to have died from smoke inhalation.

Tragically, some family members thought they might be alive when they saw their heads flop.

Tankya later posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook saying she “hates herself for not being able to help.”

She added, “I don’t know how I will ever be able to understand how this could have happened, please let this be a terrible mistake, please tell me my babies okay.

“Unfortunately, no matter how much I pray, nothing I say or do can bring my babies back.”

Twins who died in fire found 'holding hands' after accidentally locking mum out

Firemen viewed the matter with an “open mind.”

Their aunt, Tammy Du Bois, 39, said The Daily Telegraph : “Something else must be burning in the front room, Tanyka yelled at them to open the door, but they didn’t, the poor cuties would have been scared.

“The girls couldn’t speak, they had their own special language, they loved each other, they were found huddled in the front room holding hands.

“Our hearts are broken, my brother Geoffrey is outside of himself, he was asked today to identify their bodies in the hospital, but he couldn’t bear to do it. He doesn’t want to be here. ‘

The incident has been hiding the community hard.

Neighbor Carol Flannery said, “I was just shocked, beautiful little girls – my heart goes out to the parents and grandparents.”

Riverina Police District Chief Inspector Bob Noble shared his grief when describing “the horrific circumstances”.

Twins who died in fire found 'holding hands' after accidentally locking mum out

He said, “These are two short-lived little babies, and they died suddenly and unexpectedly.

“It is clear that the fire has spread quite quickly, since they can do that quite often … You have vulnerable children in that situation, the result is often catastrophic.

“The mother spoke to the detectives last night. She was traumatized, but assisted the investigators to the extent possible.

“There is a community hit hard by the deaths of these two young people, they were babies, they were twin girls, and it is a community that has recently been devastated by wildfires.”

Superintendent Noble has warned people who are speculating about what led to the fire.

He has urged them to try to ‘walk in the shoes’ of the concerned family and reconsider some of the messages they post online.

He said, “People like to hear their own opinion.

“Imagine you were the mother who suffered this grief. Whether she did things that these other people think she shouldn’t have done, she’s fooling herself.

Twins who died in fire found 'holding hands' after accidentally locking mum out

“She’ll probably keep guessing herself for the rest of her life. Imagine walking into her shoes and see if you still think the same.

“Some will do that and that is their privilege. It does not make them good.

“There was a fire in the house as it would be in that part of the world on a cold morning. It appears that the two young children may have had access to that fire.

“Now people want to engage in all kinds of stories, discussions or opinions about what that could mean, but the fact is that children are curious, especially young children at that age and you have parents who are very vigilant, but you also have no eyes in you back of the head.

“It is seemingly something that has just happened as a series of consecutive events that have led to a catastrophic outcome.”

He confirmed that there appears to be “no cheating” on the dead.

“Although we will keep an open mind and change our views depending on the evidence that comes to light, I would just like to pour some cold water on that speculation to say that I am as happy as I can be that this it’s probably just a tragic setback, “he said.

Meanwhile one fundraising is set up to support the family.

Children’s uncle, Levi Ford, wrote: “My sister tragically lost her three-year-old twin daughters in a house fire, who claimed not only the lives of these two young children, but also their homes and belongings.

Her son lost all his belongings, including toys and clothes.

“I know how difficult it is right now, I’m trying to fund myself to help with clothes, food and other things that may be needed to get her back on her feet and with funeral expenses.”


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