Twisted pictures found under serial killer's bed that he'd drawn 'in own blood'

A serial killer drew images of skulls said to be in his own blood to “symbolize 11 of his victims,” ​​of which only three have been discovered.

The “never-seen-before” images from the FBI show the gruesome skulls drawn by Alaskan serial killer Israel Keyes.

Disturbing images were found under his bed in his prison cell after committing suicide – he was waiting for a murder trial in 2012.

Keyes is believed to have raped and murdered his victims from 2001 through 2012 – although only three have been found, out of a seemingly 11.

In an episode of CBS 48 hours, FBI agents reveal that the images drawn seem to imply that Keyes had 11 victims.

During the show, FBI special agent Jolene Goeden said, “These skulls are drawn in blood and found in his prison cell under his bed.

“And one of them says, ‘We are one’ … We believe that 11 is the total number of victims.”

Shockingly, Keyes had stored kill caches across the country years before the murders, filled with weapons and tools.

He would dig up these caches when he “ got the urge to kill, ” but police have not yet uncovered all the packages that may contain more evidence of the eight remaining murders.

Twisted pictures found under serial killer's bed that he'd drawn 'in own blood'

Referring to the killing kits, Special Agent Gooden said, “He didn’t know who he was going to kill. But he already knew he had the stuff he needed there.”

FBI Special Agent Ted Halla believes that Keyes killed four people in Washington, he said, “He had a boat.

“We know he took it on this lake … along with some of the other lakes in the area. He told us that one of the victims of Washington State was in fact – their bodies were sunk in this particular lake. “

Twisted pictures found under serial killer's bed that he'd drawn 'in own blood'

Police have made a plea to urge the public to help find the other victims.

Special agent Katherine Nelson said during the show, “It won’t be easy in any way.

“And it can take a long time. But I will never give up trying.”

CBS News also advised if a citizen discovers one of Keyes’ caches not to touch it and report it immediately.


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