‘Twitter Philanthropist’ Pulte Shares 30 Secret Billionaire Bitcoin Owners Rumor

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Millionaire “Twitter philanthropist” Bill Pulte, dubbed the “Bitcoin Bill” after entering the BTC market in December 2019, has reached out on social media and broadcast live streaming to his followers to share the claims that “30 billionaires” hold Bitcoin stocks are not telling the public about it.

Consoles said:

“I was on the phone with a billionaire the other day and he said to me, ‘Bill, you understand that there are literally 30 other billionaires in Bitcoin who didn’t come out publicly and said in public,’ I’m into Bitcoin? ‘”

Pulte then claimed that the person he spoke to also revealed the identity of a high-profile billionaire who was said to have the “greatest position” in Bitcoin.

Pulte refused to give names, but added that “everyone would know the person concerned”. He also said that he told his followers about this “rumor” and “just let the followers know” what I know.

Billionaire Bill Pulte talks about how there are roughly 30 billionaires with BTC positions that have not yet been publicly disclosed from r / bitcoin

The video sent an R / Bitcoin Reddit thread into a barrage of speculation about the identity of the mysterious BTC whale, with some speculating that the mysterious BTC investor was Elon Musk – with Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos and cryptoskeptic Warren Buffett also mentioned.

As for consoles that PulteGroup The Heir appears to have become increasingly optimistic about Bitcoin in recent months – and recently went to Twitter to retweet one of his own predictions about BTC prices following recent crypto price hikes.

He also wrote that on November 17th, he “considered giving away Bitcoin today” and then claimed to be Problems sending BTC someone who didn’t follow him on Twitter. He urged another recipient of his Twitter philanthropy Buy bitcoin with a handout of USD 20.

And if mega-rich Bitcoin bulls are your thing, check out this list of wealthy investors who have turned their attention to BTC – including Bitcoin Bill itself!
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