Two children killed in 'traumatic' circumstances after car plunged into dam

Two children died after the car they were in was submerged in a dam, trapping them.

A family of six was driving down a straight stretch of road in south-east Queensland, Australia on Sunday afternoon when the Land Rover Discovery turned off the road and a stone embankment into Wyramama Dam.

A 23-year-old male driver, a 33-year-old woman and two other five-week and one-year-old children managed to escape and remain in a stable condition.

Unfortunately, a 13-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl died.

Queensland Police Inspector Douglas McDonald said the car swerved to the left on Beaudesert Boonah Road, Brisbane at around 2:00 PM, crashed into a guardrail before sliding across the road, hitting another rail and sliding down a slope.

“It came to rest on its roof in a semi-submerged position,” he said, adding that the two adults were able to rescue the surviving children, he reports.

“Unfortunately, those two children [who died] were stuck in the vehicle longer than the other occupants, ”he said.

“It took some effort to open a number of doors for the vehicle.”

Two children killed in 'traumatic' circumstances after car plunged into dam

The inspector went on to say that passers-by performed CPR on the trapped children after they were eventually pulled from the car.

Inspector McDonald described the situation as “truly traumatic” for the emergency responders and others who stopped to help.

He added that it is unclear what caused the crash, but believed there was no alcohol involved, while all occupants were wearing seat belts.

Two children killed in 'traumatic' circumstances after car plunged into dam

Child seats were in the car.

The family, from Pratten near Warwick, traveled home from Pimpama on the Gold Coast.

Insp McDonald said investigators are investigating whether fatigue led to the crash and although the two adults have been spoken to, no formal talks have yet taken place.

The husband and wife are undergoing surgery for non-life-threatening injuries.

Anyone who may have dashcam footage is asked to contact the police.