U.S. postal worker dies of coronavirus days after giving birth
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U.S. postal worker dies of coronavirus days after giving birth

A Chicago woman died less than a week after a girl gave birth to the corona virus.

Unique Clay, 31, gave birth to her third child on April 30 and died on May 5.

“When she was giving birth, she told me,” Mom, I feel like I’m getting a cold, “said the postmaster’s mother, Annette Clay, CBS Chicago.

Clay tested positive for COVID-19 in the delivery room at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

After delivery, the young letter carrier with her newborn was fired.

But days later, Clay had trouble breathing and sent her 11-year-old daughter out to get an inhaler. The new mother died before she returned.

It is unclear how Clay contracted the virus, but her family wants to know why the hospital would send a woman with the corona virus home with her baby shortly after giving birth.

“When they let her go home, they gave her ibuprofen, and we were told we would see the virus for ourselves,” said her father, Alan Brown. Fox 6 Now. “You should give them Tylenol.”

A hospital spokesperson told CBS Chicago that it was unable to comment on Clay’s case, citing patients’ privacy laws. “The University of Chicago Medicine community has great condolences to the family,” said the spokesperson.

Clay’s baby appears to be healthy, her family told Fox 6 Now.

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