UCLA football remains coronavirus-free as it prepares for Colorado – Press Enterprise

UCLA football is coronavirus-free heading into game week against Colorado to open the conference-only schedule.

The coronavirus delayed the start of the 2020 season for Pac-12 teams and the Bruins know that it can still have an impact on the season despite being days removed from the trip to Boulder.

UCLA had a player test positive last week but it has since been reported as a false-positive.

“Our medical staff does a really good job,” linebacker Bo Calvert said. “We’re getting tested every day and if there’s any symptoms our guys are immediately quarantined. … It’s great that it was a negative (test) and that it was a false alarm.”

The Bruins haven’t had an official positive coronavirus case throughout fall camps, while other college football programs across the country have continued to struggle.

“I haven’t had any concerns. I’m going to control what I can control and I know my teammates are doing the same,” quarterback Dorian Thompson Robinson said. “I don’t know how they are handling things or what they are doing (in Colorado). I’m just controlling what I can control and that’s what I do in practice.”

Colorado created a bubble-like environment for fall camp by housing players in a hotel. The team stayed at the hotel through Sunday and players were tested daily, according to the Associated Press.

Thompson-Robinson believes this fall camp did not add any rush or extra pressure to the season and provided enough time to implement a few “new wrinkles here and there for the game plan.”

“Not much has changed around here,” Calvert said. “It’s been a lot different compared to a normal year. It’s almost like camp is still going except now we are looking at more specific things.”

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 Leading the huddle

Thompson-Robinson is working on limiting his turnovers. He threw 12 interceptions and lost seven of 11 fumbles last season.

“One of the biggest ways I’ve limited the turnovers is by punishing myself (with extra conditioning drills),” he said. “I don’t think I’ve had a fumble or interception all camp.”

The idea came from the running backs who do something similar if they lose the football during practice.

As the Bruins continue to work out the game plan, the team will also finalize the depth chart.

Who will serve as the backup quarterback, behind Thompson-Robinson, should be decided at some point this week.

“Both Chases (Griffin and Artopoeus) know they’re in competition for that second-string spot,” Thompson-Robinson said. “They’re both handling it really well and always asking questions.”