UK Covid death toll rises by more than 500 in 24 hours

The government said another 501 people had died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19 as of Thursday, bringing the UK total to 53,775.

Separate figures published by the UK statistical offices for deaths with Covid-19 listed on the death certificate, along with additional data on deaths over the past few days, show that there have now been 69,000 deaths related to Covid-19 in the UK.

The government said there were 22,915 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK as of 9:00 a.m. Thursday.

It brings the total number of cases in the UK to 1,453,256.

The numbers of Covid-19 cases in England have been declining for most adult age groups, although they continue to rise among those over 70, according to the latest weekly surveillance report from Public Health England.

The highest rate is still among the 20 to 29 year olds, which was 362.1 cases per 100,000 people in the week to 15 November, up from 389.9 the week before.

Rates have also fallen among 30 to 39 year olds (from 338.6 to 324.3), 40 to 49 year olds (316.3 to 313.7), 50-59 year olds (306.1 to 302 , 3) and 60-69 year olds (217.5 to 209.6).

But for 70-79 year olds, rates have increased slightly, from 146.1 to 147.5, while rates for over-80s have increased from 235.5 to 245.3.

The rate has also increased for 10-19 year olds, from 232.8 to 257.4.