UK gyms facing tough challenge to get industry fit again

A major impact of the limitations of the British coronavirus was the effect on the way in which the British exercise their lockdown.

More and more people practice outdoor sports to stay fit and healthy while running, cycling and jogging. All this is becoming increasingly popular.

This is largely due to the fact that exercise is considered one of the few reasons UK residents can leave their home, reports DailyStarOnline.

But what effect is the closure likely to have on British gyms and leisure centers once they are allowed to reopen?

Lifting lockdown measures can prove very difficult in a gym or recreation center, with a YouGov poll saying only 30 percent of Britons feel comfortable returning to gyms when they reopen.

Humphrey Cobbold, chief executive of PureGym, told BBC Radio 4’s Today Program that the chain would be working to upgrade its hygiene regime if it gets the green light.

He said, “The right approach is a thoughtful and careful opening.

“We will likely, if allowed by the government, start by opening half a dozen sites and then expand if we are sure we have a model that is safe for members for the future.”

Virgin Active has informed customers that it will let them know when it reopens “as soon as it is safe based on government advice”.

The Manchester Evening News claims that gym members may also be asked to wash hands regularly during visits.

This week, vzw ukActive unveiled its four-phase strategy for lifting lockdown measures at gyms.

Wales Online reports that members will begin in-depth research into business modeling.

Phase two will create a framework for reopening facilities while remaining “both safe and financially viable for operation”.

Then, in phase three, the organization will run a public information campaign to assure UK customers that it is safe to return to gyms.

Finally, gyms will work with the government to ensure that the required financial and regulatory changes are made.

Spinning class in a gym

CEO of ukActive Huw Edwards said, “To reopen the industry, two major milestones must be met: First, our operators must comply with future public health recommendations regarding the fight against Covid-19.

Second, any phased opening with ongoing constraints must be accompanied by additional government support, making it financially viable for our members to open again. “

“Our industry puts the health of the nation at the heart of its mission.

“We must act now to ensure that the organizations and staff behind our country’s levels of activity are fully prepared to reopen safely and quickly.”

It seems that gyms are unlikely to open soon. Chatty Dobson, owner of London’s FLEX Chelsea, said Men’s health: “At the moment, the industry is in heavy weather.

“Now that all memberships have been suspended and rent on these major sites remains at 100 percent, not much can be done with a few online lessons.”


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