'UNDERLYING TENSION': Barack Obama feared for his marriage during presidency

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Former US President Barack Obama’s time in the White House strained his marriage to First Lady Michelle Obama.

In his new memoir, A Promised Land, the star writes about evenings when he could feel the “tension” between them because of the pressure of the presidency and the “loneliness” she felt over her husband’s all-consuming job.

Building on his feelings in a new interview with People magazine, he says he thinks they “got it all out” and that there were “great joys” – like watching their kids grow up to be impressive young women, but life in the White House took its toll.

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“During the time we were there, Michelle felt this underlying tension,” he explains. “The pressure, stress, having to do everything right, having to be ‘on’ at all times.

“There were times when I thought she was frustrated, sad, or angry, but knew I had to worry about Afghanistan or the financial crisis … so she would quell it.”