Universal Credit claimants can get free NHS services – see if you qualify

People who claim Universal Credit are encouraged to check their eligibility for NHS free treatment.

Claims have risen significantly since the Covid-19 outbreak, with statistics showing that nearly one million people who started with Universal Credit in the first month of lockdown are still claiming the benefit.

A online fitness check tells plaintiffs in minutes whether they qualify for free NHS prescriptions, NHS dental treatment, and assistance with other health expenses.

Brendan Brown, director of civil services at the NHS Business Services Authority, said: “There is an assumption that anyone who claims Universal Credit is automatically entitled to free prescriptions and dental treatment – but this is a false belief. People are only entitled if their income is within the threshold falls.

“With so many people claiming Universal Credit for the first time, we are here to help people understand if they are entitled to free health care and how to properly claim.”

People who claim Universal Credit are eligible for free prescriptions and dental treatment if their earnings were £ 435 or less during their last assessment period, or £ 935 or less if their claim includes payment for a child or if they have limited options for work or work-related activity.

Universal Credit applicants whose working hours and income vary each month may fall in and out. That is why it is important to use the online checker regularly.

In January 2020, new FP10 prescription forms were introduced, including a new “U” waiver box for patients who receive Universal Credit and meet the criteria for NHS free prescriptions.

Some pharmacies will still use the old FP10 form until supplies run out. In this case, people who qualify for free prescriptions claiming universal credit should tick box K (income-tested jobseeker’s allowance).

Other financial assistance may be available for those with incomes above the threshold, such as the NHS Low Income Scheme or by purchasing a Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate (PPC).

A PPC will cover the cost of all NHS prescriptions, including NHS dental prescriptions, regardless of how many you need.

Find out what you may be entitled to www.nhs.uk/checkbeforeyoutick