Universal Credit may be increased permanently in new announcement

Today Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to bow to pressure to extend a £ 20-a-week increase in Universal Credit to the six million people struggling as a result of the pandemic.

Universal Credit was raised by £ 20 a week at the start of the pandemic, but this boost will end in April next year, reports The mirror.

Renewing the credit would cost £ 6 billion, with lobbyists calling for a permanent increase in the amount of money.

Mr Sunak is also under pressure to increase benefits for two million people who still have ‘legacy’ benefits, most of them handicapped, who have not received an increase of £ 20 a week this year.

The £ 20 per week increase in Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit will otherwise end in April 2021.

The resurgence has been a lifeline for many plaintiffs as they struggled to weather the coronavirus pandemic.

The move could come as part of the Spending Review announced today at 12:35 p.m.

At the same time, Mr. Sunak is expected to introduce a wage freeze for public sector workers, cut the budget for foreign aid, announce money to tackle potholes, pour more money into schools and set the budget for government services.

“In today’s environment it is essential that we provide assurance. So we do that for departments and all countries in the UK by setting budgets for next year, with a total focus on addressing Covid and executing our Plan. for jobs. ‘, said Mr. Sunak.

“Investing long term in our country’s future is the right thing to do, especially in areas that are the cornerstone of our society, such as the NHS, schools and infrastructure. We will ensure that these areas are critical to our economic recovery, have their budgets set for years so they can plan and help us build back better. “