US coronavirus death toll tops 250,000 – highest in the world

The United States has the highest death toll from the coronavirus in the world with more than a quarter of a million.

According to a census from Johns Hopkins University, the numbers in the US are above 250,000.

This comes just days after current President Donald Trump went head-to-head with the Democratic leader, and now President-elect, Joe Biden.

Last week, Trump gave a briefing on the coronavirus and spoke about the possibility of the US entering a national lockdown to combat the coronavirus.

“Ideally, we are not going to a lockdown … We, I am not going, this administration is not going to a lockdown,” Trump said as he seemed to lose his mind for a moment.

“Hopefully … whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be.

‘I think time will tell, but I can tell you that this administration will not be closed, it will not be a necessity.

“Lockdowns cost lives and they cost a lot of trouble, the cure couldn’t be worse than the problem itself.”

US coronavirus death toll tops 250,000 – highest in the world

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached nearly 12 million, with 256,162 deaths so far.

It comes as Mr Biden said this week, “more people could die” if Mr Trump continues to refuse the transfer of power.

The country has been hit hardest in terms of mortality rates.

US coronavirus death toll tops 250,000 – highest in the world

The number of daily infections in the US has more than doubled from the one-day highs during the previous peak in mid-July, and the number of Covid-19 hospital patients has reached an all-time high.

Forty states reported record increases in the number of cases in November, while 20 states saw record increases in deaths and 26 record hospital admissions.

The latest seven-day average shows that the United States reports more than 144,000 daily cases and 1,120 daily deaths Mirror online.

Basic public health measures such as face masking to curb its spread have been politicized under Trump, who avoided mask mandates even after contracting the coronavirus last month, while Biden has backed its widespread use.