USC quotable: Clay Helton, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Kedon Slovis react to win over Washington State

Here are the highlights of the USC press conference following the Trojans’ victory over Washington State 38-13:

Head coach Clay Helton

Pick up line:

“I have to start by praising our defense. Again, I thought they were ahead of the curve from the start. We talked about really trying to make Washington state one dimensional and trying to shut down a backup at 119 yards per game and all of a sudden you look up and we [allowed] 73 totally immersive yards. That allowed us to really have some third-down situations where we could get after the quarterback and produce four sacks and three turnovers. I just thought it was defensively consistent across the board. I thought we were off to a really good start and the game makers did a great job. There is a reason that C is on Amon-Ra St. Brown’s chest, because he is a selfless player. You’re going three games and you’re not in the end zone, he and I talked about it and said, ‘Don’t change anything this week – touchdowns come in bunches.’ He’s just played the same selfless physical hard game every week, and you look up and he has four touchdowns a day and really set the tone early on to be able to separate from a good Cougar soccer team. I thought Kedon [Slovis] was extremely accurate in this game – 25 of 32, 5 touchdowns. We didn’t play our best ball in the second half, so there are always things we can correct offensively, but to get a 25-point win – 16 last week, 25 points this week – this team is each making progress. weekly. So 1-0 of the week, now we have to turn the page. We have a short week ahead of us against a really good team that is hot right now – a rival to Crosstown at UCLA who is doing really well. And we have a lot to play for and that’s what you want in December. ”

Emotion on the sidelines:

“I think it has really been like this in the last two games. We celebrated together and to be honest, we’re just grateful we got the chance. This is what we said before we walked out to enter the field, man, this is not a gift from God, blessing us last week and taking us through a very difficult situation and allowing us to come out and play this game . It’s so great to see these guys who love each other so much and play for each other so much just to have fun together for the past two weeks. It was nice to see what they can be, and they keep improving every week and they celebrate each other’s victories and successes and support each other. That’s what you want from a family and that’s what you want for your team. ”

Why the team played off a dime all night:

“I thought [Todd Orlando] did a great job. We walked in and we were very nervous. When you watched them skillfully you looked at the two slot receivers and you looked at the running back and how much yardage and production they were setting up and they attacked every inch of the field – RPO play on the edge, vertical shots, in between the tackles with the back, the quarterback making. And we really felt we had to put the maximum number of athletes we could on the field, so great package by TO, practiced it all week. It enabled us to suddenly Talanoa [Hufanga]Mike’s linebacker, there are times when even Drake [Jackson] in some fronts was Mike’s financier. But really creative and I thought of a young quarterback, especially in the first half it was hard to get hold of and figure it out. Extremely creative by TO and thanks to the kids for really going in this week, perfecting it and then taking it to the park on game day. ”

On the performance of the freshman offensive linemen:

“Yes, really proud of them. We knew Courtland early in the week [Ford] should start in this game and he got a lot of work and Jonah [Monheim] got a chance to get in late when we lost Liam [Jimmons] and we put him on hold and I’ll tell you something, did good. He was right most of the time he worked there, but did a good job of filtering into the guard and got caught a little late. So thanks to both children, excited for them. Casey Collier came in there late. It was nice to get some of the future of this o-line. And I thought Courtland, for the most part, we’ll watch the movie, but it was great. I thought [Alijah Vera-Tucker] and Brett [Neilon]they said to me, “Don’t worry, Coach, we’ve got our baby. We’re gonna take care of him. And they did, really. I thought they prepared him and he was ready and he was playing a really good game. I’m looking forward to watching the tape, but you can expect a lot from him in the future. He’s going to have a fantastic career here. ”

If he’s concerned about the run game after this performance:

“I wish we could have done a little better in the second half, but with the seven, eight man fronts we were looking at, with cover one, cover three, some zone pressure, it really challenged us early on. not seen so much to say ok let’s see if you can throw and catch and stay in protection I thought the guys hit all the cylinders Obviously there are a lot of bright spots in the game and a lot of things you want they are better I’m looking forward to seeing the movie in the second half where I felt we could have played it a bit better, especially towards the end But then again you win 16 last week, 25 this week I I really feel like the offense is starting to click I want to be able to get that run game fit in and take some pressure from Kedon, and I know it will happen The only thing I’ll appreciate Graham [Harrell] with, he likes to take whatever the defense gives you. If you’re going to play that many cover-one or cover-three, you can get a pass every down. We took advantage of it early on, and then we stated that we got more two-high looks in the second half and couldn’t take advantage in the run game. ”

How the team came back from the unexpected week off:

“I really thought during this practice week, there is almost like, I think Ra said it, it almost felt like a day week and you could see how fresh the guys were in practice this week and how much they flew around and I appreciate them. They know – we’ve talked about how important December is – that you always want to play meaningful games in December and here we are. We’ve had the opportunity to continue leading our half of the league and needed it tonight, how well Colorado is now playing. It’s an important game to us. I thought these guys were really fresh during the week. They brought excitement to the park. ”

About Talanoa Hufanga safety:

“Well, he’s one of the smartest players I’ve ever been able to coach. He’s such a football instinct. We ask him to do so much. He plays in the mail. He plays in the box. He can play man. When he applies pressure, he can be a real con and a good match-up on a running back to beat him in 215-pound protection. He is a complete player and such a great playmaker. I think that’s his third turn over, his third interception and man, what a special game. When he was bothering the guy I thought oh my god we are now taking it to another level. Just a special player that we are so grateful for and that’s what he said. He actually came by and said coach, that’s why I’m here. I want to be able to help this team make big moves and I want to help win a championship and he made some special promotions tonight. He plays really good football. ”

QB Kedon Slovis

The connection with St. Brown:

“I don’t think it was necessary for us to attack, I think Amon-Ra has probably had three or four receptions and four touchdowns. It wasn’t like he got the ball every game. So it was great that he scored every time, but at the same time we got the ball to everyone and everyone was just running it and playing excitedly. I think that’s the biggest difference from when we’re playing well and when we’re not is really just excitedly playing and performing and doing your job. ”

If he felt like his old self:

“Yes, and not just for myself, I think everyone across the board was doing their job and playing excitedly again. Especially in that first half, you know, the offensive line blocked well, had a nice pocket that I could step into, the receivers did their job, got into place. It makes my job easy, so it’s really a testament to how well everyone around me played. ”

If the extra week off helped:

“I was very excited to go to the Colorado game. Again, against Utah, I didn’t feel like my worst game in the world, but I felt like we had a lot on the table as a foul, so I was really looking forward to that game in Colorado. I think that has been carried over to this week. As a whole offense, I think we wanted to go out and bring up a lot of points. With our situation up front, we knew we would throw the ball, and we knew how good we would look that we would throw the ball too, so those opportunities presented themselves. ”

About his non-throwing arm injury:

‘My arm is fine. It just hit my funny bone, kinda weird so my fingers got stuck for a second but it fixed itself after a ride so I’m fine. ”

WR Amon-Ra St. Brown

Last time he had four TD catches in a game:

“The last game I remember having four touchdowns in a game was actually my first game in high school as a junior. That’s the last time I had four touchdowns in one game. So to come today was actually crazy for me, in college, to score four touchdowns is very unusual, so I’m just glad my teammates and coaches trusted me. ”

How nice the first quarter was for the violation:

“I felt like this was the first time that we as receivers felt like we got more masculine looks early on in the game. The first three games, as receivers, we felt we got a lot of cloud looks, a lot of zone, and they really came out as a man and that was something we love man. As receivers, we like one-on-one and we just came out, played well, Kedon threw great balls, and we made plays. ”

How the team returned from the unexpected week off:

“For us, for receivers, we run a lot, even as a team as a whole we felt like it was a time to get our legs back under us. Obviously we’ve been gone for a while, we don’t like being away from football that long, but I think the few days off helped us get our legs under us and I remember coming back on Tuesday at to exercise and I just felt fast. I remember some of my friends, some of my teammates telling us, “our legs feel good, I feel fast.” I felt great all week. We had some linemen out, so it was a bit of a different exercise for us, but as receivers and quarterbacks, our timing, we could get in a lot of roues, a lot of throws, a lot of one-on-one reps. We exercised great, we felt great all week, so it didn’t bother us. ”