Venezuelan Army Engineers Start Mining Bitcoin

Source: A video screenshot, Instagram / ejb_61brig

Mobilize Venezuelan soldiers. No, this isn’t the start of World War III – these troops are being used to mine Bitcoin (BTC) as part of the latest and possibly daring crypto fundraiser.

According to a video posted by the 61st Battalion, 6th Engineer Corps of the Bolivarian ArmySpecial soldiers have turned army buildings into huge mining centers equipped with ASIC mining equipment as well as a facility center, apparently for older or damaged equipment.

The troops appear to have converted a large warehouse into the “center for the production of digital assets”.

On a newscast shared by ConflictsW’s Twitter account, a newscaster stated that the center was the first of its kind to be built by the army and is located in a military camp at Caracas-based Fuerte Tiuna Army Facility .

Fuerte Tiuna is the main focus of the Venezuelan army and also houses the Ministry of People’s Power for Defense.

The news video also shows government officials, including Joselit Ramírez, the head of the Superintendence of crypto-active substances and related activities (Sunacrip) is shown around the new center, cutting a blue ribbon to indicate that it is officially open.

The latest development marks quite a turning point for the Venezuelan armed forces, which have apparently moved from seizing vehicles with crypto mining rigs to actively using them.

In the summer, soldiers seized a truck with 315 Antminer 9 devices at the toll booth in Guyana in southern Venezuela.
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