Vile couple who 'tortured girl, 10, and boy, 11' face up to 194 years in prison

A couple could face up to 194 years in prison after allegedly starving and torturing a girl and boy in a sickening four-month campaign of abuse.

Priscilla Meachem, 31, and Elijah Waltz, 38, have been arrested and charged with tying up and beating the children aged 10 and 11, respectively.

Investigators claim the children were starving and said they would die a horrible death between June and October this year.

Meachem and Waltz, of Zanesville, Ohio, also used zip ties and duct tape to restrain the children, it is said.

The children’s heads were shaved and the couple regularly ate in front of them, police said.

Police detective Bryan Ruff told me Reporter for Zanesville Times : “This is the worst case of abuse I’ve seen.”

The boy was hit with a piece of wood and a guitar, Ruff said.

The couple – who got together in April this year – are now facing a long list of indictments, the newspaper reports.

Meachem and Waltz have been charged with nine felonies, six times kidnapping, and seven times of child endangerment.

If convicted, the sentences could be 194 years each.

Vile couple who 'tortured girl, 10, and boy, 11' face up to 194 years in prison

According to the indictment, the children were held with various items, including a belt, power cords, zip ties and duct tape while they were mistreated and tortured. The girl was also gagged with socks.

The couple are accused of attacking the boy with a stick, wooden 2-by-4 and a guitar. He also suffered from abuse of his genitals.

Since the sickening abuse came to light, the boy and girl have been taken to a safe place, Ruff said.

Police became aware of the torture after someone contacted Muskingum County Children’s Services, it is believed.