Vile trophy hunters post sick Tripadvisor-style ­reviews after killing lions

Warped trophy hunters are posting sickening Tripadvisor-style ­reviews of their big game kills.

They pick from a “menu” of targets on a website offering discounted hunting trips and then get to brag of their slaughters.

One hunter, Jacques, shared a picture posing with a dead lioness and said he had realised he “NEEDED to hunt LIONS”.

He said of his trip: “After putting on all my layers the hunt began. Holy crap that’s a lion track!

“After seemingly endless tracking in sand and thorns, Holy crap that’s a lion tail!

“Four days of amazing experiences and close calls later my dream was fulfilled. Using my PHs 375HH with 270 grain softs was a piece of cake.”

Another told of needing five shots from a powerful Mossberg rifle to kill a buffalo, writing: “They are extremely tough guys.”

Discount African Hunts, popular with Brits, operates in Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

It offers leopards at £16,000, elephants at £40,000, hippos at £8,000 and lions at £11,000. Some packages include sending the carcass home.

The site says of a lion hunt: “Get your trophy lion while you still can. The lion will be tracked by the trackers ­until a shot opportunity is presented.

“Every lion/lioness is different. Some will run and run while others will make a stand rather quickly.

“This hunt is much more exciting than a traditional lion hunt on bait where you just sit in a blind and wait to ambush the lion.

“This is the most exciting way to hunt a lion.”

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “Humans have no right to take the life of an animal for recreation.

“Animals experience suffering and pain when they are hunted for trophies.

“Killing endangered wildlife for pleasure only helps push them even further towards extinction.”

Discount African Hunts was ­approached for comment.