Volunteers in Pfizer vaccine trial report feeling like they had ‘severe hangover’ after injection

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Some volunteers who took part in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial reportedly were left feeling like they were boozing heavily the night before after getting the injection.

A number of volunteers among the 43,500 people from six countries who took part in the phase three trials – some received the experimental vaccine and others got a placebo – said they experienced side effects that felt like a severe hangover, according to multiple reports.

Although volunteers were not told if they received the vaccine or a placebo, some believe they know they were given the real deal based on how they were feeling afterwards.

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Glenn Deshields, 44, of Austin, Tex. was quoted by the New York Post saying he felt like he had a “severe hangover” but those symptoms quickly cleared up. Another volunteer, a woman who identified herself as Carrie, a 45-year-old from Missouri, said she had a fever, headache and body aches after her first injection in September and the symptoms became more severe after the second last month.