Vox has a merch store! Shop now.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Vox Merchandise Store. You can find the showcase here. Most requested Weeds one mug Missing chapter sticker and a Vox crew neck, we invite you to step one step closer to the Vox family and proudly proclaim your Vox fan status to everyone you see, even if you are limited to Zoom interactions.

The items you see in our store today are just the start. We will add more items next year, and we would like to know the merchandise you would like to see. Click here to submit your ideas and provide feedback.

We have partnered with DFTBA (“Remember to be awesome”) because their business reflects values ​​similar to ours. DFTBA works with suppliers to manufacture and ship goods. They source ethically and the majority of our textile products come from Bella + Canvas due to their shipping, water saving and energy saving practices.

It’s a new adventure for Vox, but something we’ve been looking forward to sharing with our audiences for a while now. Let us know how we’re doing with the form above, and please see a brief FAQ below.

If I buy now, will my products be available in time for the 2020 holidays?

Unfortunately, this is unlikely due to the impact of the pandemic on manufacturing and shipping. These processes have slowed down to protect warehouse workers and meet social distancing guidelines. This is another part of our “new normal” and we are grateful to work with companies that value the health and safety of their workers and their communities.

Stickers can be processed faster than clothes. To guarantee their arrival, you must purchase them in separate orders from other goods with longer production times, as all items in an order are shipped at the same time, rather than incrementally.

Can I receive my order internationally?

Yes. DFTBA ships internationally via USPS. There are a few service interruptions you may see here.

I need a return, refund or replacement. who should I contact?

You will work with our friends at DFTBA for this. You can find this support page here.

How will I be informed of new product launches?

You can sign up for new merchandise updates with DFTBA. The registration form can be found on the bottom of their website.