Wales has become a ‘test bed for left-wing socialist authority’, claims UK government minister

A UK Government minister has attacked Wales’ approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

While being questioned on the Andew Marr show about the UK Government’s hugely unpopular decision not to provide meals for poor children in school holidays, Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis launched into an attack on Wales’ coronavirus policies.

He said: “We have got to have a structure where…people have the confidence what we are doing is logical and lead forward properly.”

Then pointing to the fact that Wales’ health minister Vaughan Gething had been on the program earlier refusing to reverse the decision to ban the sale of non-essential items in supermarkets, Mr Lewis said that Wales was a “test bed” for socialist authority.

Wales has become a 'test bed for left-wing socialist authority', claims UK government minister
Brandon Lewis being interviewed by Andrew Marr

He said: “One of the challenges we are seeing in Wales which has been clearly highlighted that it has become a test bed for left wing socialist authority, coming out with these crazy outcomes and we have make sure we don’t have that more widely across the country.”

The Northern Ireland secretary also played down suggestions that relations with the US could be damaged if Joe Biden is elected president because of concerns Brexit could undermine the Good Friday Agreement.

The Democrat candidate has warned that he will not sign a free trade agreement with the UK if there is any threat to the Northern Ireland peace process.

Mr Lewis told the Andrew Marr Show: “We absolutely protect and abide by the Good Friday Agreement. It is absolutely key.

“We have always worked very closely with whoever is the president of the USA. We as a country have a long, special relationship to build on on a wide range of issues across history.

“One of them is the work we have done together – and with the Irish government – to ensure we got that Belfast-Good Friday Agreement. We will continue to protect that.

“The actions that we have taken through Brexit to protect and ensure free trade across and absolute unfettered access to Northern Ireland businesses to the UK is also about protecting and ensuring no borders for Northern Ireland – either East-West or North-South. We will continue to do that.”